Avasiare Cosmetics Review & Swatches!!

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This is my first experience with Avasiare's cosmetics and I assure you, it won't be my last!
The quality of these products are wonderful, not to mention the adorable packaging and print!

Flawless Foundation
My Shade: Almond
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Natural Whole Leaf Aloe Vera based formula designed to help maintain youthful skin. Free from Petroleum based chemicals.

Enriched with Titanium Dioxide, a natural mineral sunsreen agent and ultraviolet (UVA and UVB) absorber to protect skin from environmental stresses resulting in pre mature aging. Buildable formula offers medium to full coverage.

For all skin types, including sensitive, and acne prone

Almond is beautiful on medium skin tones.

For best looking results: apply using the SHADE IT Professional Makeup Brush. Pump out a small amount of foundation onto the back of your hand (add blending tint if needed). Dip brush into foundation and start with eyes. Cover eyelids and cover dark under eye circles, blend outward and upward from the center of the face. Do not brush down, this will drag the skin and color down. Continue to dip the brush into foundation and blend well to reach desired coverage.
TIP: Use less foundation on brush each time you dip it into the foundation and start from the center of the face and work outwards; it is best to show off your natural skin around hair and jaw line.
This is a great foundation!
Medium/Full to Full coverage!!
In my opinion, it has a more matte finish.
Great for oily skin types! Any skin type can use this, but if you are dry, I'd recommend a nice hydrating primer beforehand.

Lush Lash Mascara
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I LOVE this mascara- I think it has little fibers in it to help lengthen!
It definitely thickens (volumizes) as well!
Hypoallergenic and sensitivity tested. Protein rich formula helps condition lashes. Water resistant, superior wear that lasts through tears, sweat and humidity.
Supreme deluxe spiral brush lengthens and separates lashes while adding rich color to dramatically lengthen lashes without clumping.

Cake Liner
in Onyx
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Densely pigmented for maximum impact. Long lasting and smudge proof. Can be used dry, for a softer line, or applied with a wet brush for dramatic lining.
Dry application: Apply with the FRAME IT Professional Makeup Brush. Gently roll brush into Cake Eyeliner to cover brush evenly. Brush pigment evenly over lash lines. Use the SOFTEN IT Professional Makeup brush to smoke or blend.
Wet application: Dampen the LINE IT Professional Makeup Brush. Gently roll brush into Cake Eyeliner to cover brush evenly. Brush pigment evenly over lash lines.

Glamour Lash
False Eyelashes
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These are one of my all time favorite lashes!
They are dramatic, yet they are natural enough to wear everyday!
Sterilized natural human hair to create a beautiful lash line. Light weight and more natural looking than synthetic lashes. Includes our fabulous lash glue that turns from blue to an invisible finish in seconds for ease of application. Easy to apply with tweezers.
INSTRUCTIONS Remove one lash and trim corners off of both ends. Remove cap from glue and dispense a small amount onto the plastic eyelash cover. Use tweezers to grab the tip of the lashes and drag them through glue to cover the base with a thin even coat. Place lashes directly along lash line and use tweezers to press down evenly over entire eyelash. Remove any excess glue from tweezers and repeat all steps for opposite eye.

Corrective Concealer Stick
My Shade: Medium
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Used to cover blemishes, scars, imperfections, demish shadows and deemphasize lines. Excellent for covering scars following operative procedures.

This is the perfect concealer shade for light/medium to medium complexions!
It is so smooth and creamy, offering a nice coverage!

Antioxidant Lip Plumping Tint
in Sheer Cherry Blossom
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Prismatic pigments pick up elements of light to make lips look healthy and full. Plumping fomula minimizes fine lines and smooth creases.
This is a shade that will look amazing on all skin tones!

It's sheer yet still adds a nice sheen of color to your lips.


wuzzyangel said...

Whoa coverage! LOL And look at the amt you get in that tube! OOhh that nude lippie looks like it gives a perfect amt of "sheen"! :)

lindah said...

geez that foundation has so much coverage!! It reminds me of studio sculpt based on your swatch.. but I might end up pulling the foundie out and thinking it's a hand lotion LOL xD