Nailene Review

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Its no joke the economy has gone sour, but that doesn't mean your nails have to!
If you can't afford a salon treatment, then Nailene is the answer.
Whether you want a full coverage nail or just some nail art to add on top of your nails...
Nailene has something for everyone!
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Acrylic Strong
Protect your polish from chipping or peeling with Acrylic Strong.
Super glossy topcoat that locks in color instantly.
No more dull colors, or more fading.
Salon solution for stunning nails.

French Manicure Kit
Beautiful salon shades in one kit with a thin brush for precise application.
Also include 42 tip guides to achieve professional salon results.

French Tip Pen
Mistake proof pen available in Pearl White and White.

Perfect Tip French Manicure Guides
Complete a flawless French Manicure with Hard & Healthys best selling Perfect Tip Guides.
A perfect line every time!

Bedazzle Earth Angel
Best selling Bedazzle is everything you need to create fabulous nail art for fingers and toes.
Earth Angel has flowers, butterflies, the alphabet and more, all at the tip of your nails.

Best selling Bedazzle is everything you need to create fabulous nail art for fingers and toes.
Fashionista has all the hottest design trends including stars, moons and flowers, all at the tip of your nails.

So Real
Nails so light-as-air, they're practically yours.
Created from a blended, patented plastic, So Real looks like your own nails, only better!
With its weightless feel, you'll forget these nails aren't actually yours!

Nail designs straight off the runway!
Wear today's hottest nail trends with a fast and easy application.
Perfect fit and long wear.

So Natural
Perfect fit every time!
Only So Natural nails are made with exclusive technology and are designed to flex-to-fit either flat nails or high arched nails.


K said...

i love nailene~ the white tip pen makes doing your own manicure so quick and simple^^ xx

wuzzyangel said...

The stickers are soo cute! And the design nails are pretty! I have the Black French Tip pen from a MyPrettyPinkBox. Maybe I should start using it! :)

Tina A. said...

Whenever I want a french mani, I always use the pen with the tip guides, it gives such a proffesional finish, noone believes I did it myself! :)))


lindah said...

I liked the nail guides back in the day, but I think my nail bed thing has changed and it doesn't look very nice anymore :(