Etsy: Sweet Peanut Pie!

"Hello! My name is Heather and I am the proud Mommy of three amazing little boys Zachary (8), Jacob (7) and Kaleb (3). When my second son, Jacob was born, I started sewing and selling my outfits on Ebay and KittyBids. Close to two years ago, I opened up my own on-line boutique www.SweetPeanutPie.com. I love embellishing overalls and other denim outfits. Creative, unique, and happy designs are what I like to create the most. I specialize in customized children's clothing at affordable prices."

Mini Cupcake Fizzy Bath Bombs
3 for $5.25
"Listing for 3 mini fizzies in your choice of color and scent.
A moment on the lips and a lifetime on the hips? Nope, not with these sweet treats!
Draw yourself a nice warm bath, grab one of these adorable cupcakes, and plop it right in the water. In moments you are soaking in a tub full of skin softening water with a wonderfully yummy scent. Close your eyes, breath in deeply, and exhale! Let the worries of the day slide away as you dip even deeper into your mini-spa retreat. What a great way to end a rough day when you just want to unwind or even a super great day where you want to celebrate! No matter what the occasion or what you mood was before you got in, you are sure to come out with a smile on your face and skin so soft you will feel like a million bucks!"
"I make these in both a regular sized cupcake and also minis. Please see my other posting for the full-sized cupcakes which can be used for more than one bath if broken in half. These make great gifts for teachers, too! Give the gift of relaxation during the holiday season! As a busy Mom of three young boys, I know that can be worth its weight in gold during this time of year!
Individually wrapped and all ready for gift giving (even if it is a treat for yourself)! These can be used as baby shower, bridal shower, and party favors."
Cherry almond, fresh linen, orange citrus, pearberry, strawberry, lovespell, lavender, vanilla, honey almond, coffee, pina colada, and violet.


Rozylipop said...

I would sooooo eat it!!!

wuzzyangel said...

I agree with Rozylipop above! I'd prob mistake them for real ones and take a big bite! :)

Kaur of Style said...

i totally thought those were real :O!