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"I'm a fashion designer choosing to stay in Ohio. Family is important to me but so is keeping up with my crafts. I always love to make but never have enough room to keep and I love to share myself and everything I have with my friends and anyone who will appreciate my small crafts and pieces. I believe art should be meaningful and full of personal poetry, though it may not mean the same from person to person. I graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a BFA focus in Fashion design and sculpture in 2003. I was winner of the Emmanuel Ungaro scholarship in 2002 and winner of the Styles Scotland competition in 2003. My profile name "tornangel012" comes from a combination of things in my life. First there is a Quote that is always dear to my heart, "We are all angels with one wing and we can only reach heaven by embracing each other in love". I deeply believe that we have to love and respect each other to reach happiness whatever that might be. I feel that Daily we are "torn" because there are so many both difficult and simple decisions that we must make even between good and evil. Lastly "012" comes from Korean pager code, I am of korean heritage and electronics are an inseparable part of most people's lives. 012 translates to mean "forever". That is how I came to be "tornangel012"

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Spring Shawl

This is the most unique shawl I have ever owned.
The quality is immaculate!!
I feel like this is really a statement piece, just like her other designs are as well...
It's comfortable, modern, unique, and fun!

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Whit's gonna have wings! ;)