Erno Laszlo Absolute Finish SPF 15 Review

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Absolute Finish SPF 15
Makeup mousse with sunscreen
Absolute Finish SPF 15 gives you a more polished, professional look for day or evening. It is a water-free, air-whipped mousse that glides on and wears like skin. This is absolutely flawless coverage that conditions and binds with skin so you won't look made-up.

I absolutely love dual-purpose foundations.
This mousse not only covers but it brightens, exfoliates, hydrates and more!
The mousse texture is very different from other foundations I own.
It takes a little getting used to.
I recommend using a hydrating base/primer before applying this.
If you are looking to change things up with your foundation, then give this one a shot.
I think it's fine for normal to oily skin types.


PBunnieP said...

Stumbled upon your blog from FuzzKittie's list. Thats a really strange but cool product. I love multi-purpose products, definitely gotta check this one out. Do you know if they sell Erno Laszlo in canada?

wuzzyangel said...

That's an interesting product! The texture is def diff! And yay for SPF & multitasking!

Nik said...

I tagged you in my blog! Check it out!


lindah said...

omg.. it looks really hard! IDK.. I want to go touch it!!! xD

... and how does it exfoliate? It's just a foundation?!?! that seems cool and unique :D