...recycled candy-wrapper handbags...

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Baguette- Coca Cola
Some days you feel like Goldilocks - one bag is too small, and that one is so large, but alas the Baguette is just right. A long and rounded clutch resembling the namesake bread, so go ahead and have your daily Baguette.
Strong, sturdy, and water resistant.
• Handfolded, recycled and repurposed Coca-Cola bottle labels.
• Detachable wristlet
• Zip clos
e. Self-lined.
• Size:10L x 5H x 1.5W (inches)

When I was younger, my mum brought back a juice-box purse (for me) from Singapore.
This coca-cola wrapper clutch brings back those fun memories.
I love this bag- it's fun, definitely a conversation starter, and eco-friendly at its best!


cavogue said...

Babe, i love the bag! important note, i love Coca cola!haha..

u into facebook too?add me?

wuzzyangel said...

Haha I love these things. There's a booth at our craft fair every year who sells every type of bag or lunch box imaginable made out of wrappers like this!