Too Fast Clothing Review

...cirque couture...

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Swallows Tunic
$25 On Sale for $12!!!
Girls short sleeve Tunic T-Shirts by Too Fast. Our tunics are longer and leaner than a babydoll, feature a scoop neck and are very flattering!

Love this shirt- it's soft, comfortable- and best of all it's only $12!

Hair Clip TF
Zombie Hands
These are awesome...
'nuff said.


wuzzyangel said...

What fun Halloween clips! LOL! :)

And the shirt is super cute!! But it looks like the swallows are gonna be attackin the nipples! LOL! O_o

Nik said...

I love that shirt! Great bargain!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review, it means the world to us that you love our stuff!

I have a feeling you guys might be into our "horrible jewelry", they are Unbelievable!

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