Skin Nutrition Complexion Revitalizing Serum

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Complexion Revitalizing Serum
With a unique blend of highly active plant extracts, L-Arginine, and our proprietary super-berry extracts, combined with super-hybrid lipid soluble vitamin C and vitamin E, this highly concentrated serum is designed as a rescue treatment to give dull, tired, dry, lifeless, or stressed skin an immediate lift and boost of complexion radiance.

Apply liberally; Use as an anytime treatment for tired, dull, or stressed skin to brighten the complexion, smooth out fine lines, imperfections, and uneven textures. May also be used daily as an anti-ageing treatment

This is a non-sticky gel-based serum.
It feels great on the skin.
Who want radiant skin? I know I do!! lol!
With all of the plant and berry extracts, vitamins C & E, it claims to RESCUE tired, dry, dull, lifeless, stressed skin an immediate boost and lift of complexion radiance!
Sounds amazing! What do you think?!


M. Uson said...

Wow.... Sounds very interesting.... I think I want to order it based on the description. My skin is very stressed lol...

wuzzyangel said...

Sounds great. But I have oily not dry skin! :( I hope it works well for you!!! :D

lindah said...

I think I need a complexion boost! ^_^