Senna Cosmetics Review #3

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Matte Finish Makeup
This classic liquid is a foundation wardrobe staple
• Fragrance-Free • Water-based
• Sheer to medium coverage • Studio blended
A lightweight, very natural looking makeup that you can use for day or night, this classic foundation gives you a clean-feel and helps keep moisture in the skin. Created in the Senna Studios, the full color range works with cool (pink undertones) or warm (yellow undertones) and the formula nourishes the skin with Vitamins E and B. Apply with Senna Best Base Sponge and build coverage by layering.
Calling all oily-skinned ladies, I think I might have found your new best friend!
This foundation is definitely mattifying and it soaks up all of the oils.
Not recommended for dry skin... It will blow your mind.
It isn't a full coverage, however it is buildable and layerable.

Mineral Mix Pressed Foundation
Best seller Mineral Mix Cover & Finish is now in a travel friendly pressed formula for flawless glamour anywhere. Covers everything, minimizes wrinkles and gives that age-defying glow. Soft puff included makes for smooth, quick application and is hygienically stored below.

I love the texture of this powder!
It's finely milled and it has a little glow to it.

HD Hydra-Cover
High tech HD light diffusing pigments, Hyaluronic filling spheres, and collagen stimulating Malachite create this unparalleled wonder working total face concealer. This silky, light as air formula uses light reflection instead of opacity to diminish flaws as it brightens skin, fills in wrinkles, and boosts skin renewal. Licorice extract helps firm up puffiness. Three corrective shades cancel under eye darkness, facial pigmentation, redness and blemishes. Brush included.

I love this trio of concealer- It brightens and camouflages dark circles.
It's creamy and hydrating.
Highly recommended!

Matte Eye Color
One touch of this velvety soft texture and you’ll know why these colors give your lids a smooth, non-streaky finish and full, opaque color.
Shade: Midnight (matte deep blue)

Eye Bling
Not a powder, not a cream, it’s Eye Bling! Ultra twinkling pigment (not glitter) pops your eye color and provokes "You look sensational’s". Highlight on the brow bone, dab on the center of the eye for bigger looking eyes, and dab onto lips, cheekbones, even décolleté. Finger on or use the Senna Hi Lite Brush and get creative! Won’t crease or accent tell tale wrinkles.
Shade: Topaz (ultra sparkling bronze)

I was quite disappointed in this, because I thought it was going to be more pigmented.
It looks packed full of color in the jar, but when applied with my finger it is very sheer.
It actually looks pretty as a highlight shade (even on the cheek bones).

Senna Brushes
I really like Senna brushes.
They are really good quality and they do the job!!

Color Wash 16
The soft fan and fine hairs makes this the brush of choice to achieve a very innocent, almost nude wash of color over the face and just the hint of a blush.

Angle Blush 506
Rounded front angle covers the apples of the cheeks and narrow tapered end softly blends color off the edge of the cheek naturally.

Base Buffer 22

This wide rounded brush is firm enough to apply Senna Mineral Mix foundation and bronzer over the entire face and soft enough to buff it to a fine satiny smooth finish. Use round swirling motions to make powders meld with the skin.

Fine Liner 000
Use this ultra fine sable brush with Senna WaterColor Eyeliner and TransFix Eyeliner Sealer for both fine precision and total control in styling fashion liner looks such as ultra thick, and extending color beyond eye edges.

Smudger 17
The perfect brush for a smoky and smudgy eye look. The firm tapered end blends and smudges powder eye color perfectly.

Brow Shaper

Hi-Lite 13
A firm precise brush to use with creams or powders to highlight brow arches, brighten the inner eye, accent cheekbones. Some artists use it as a concealer brush.


Jennifer from Toronto - Spiced Beauty said...

Senna's skinline is my fav!

wuzzyangel said...

Whoa Holy Pigmentation! LOL!

lindah said...

hmm.. that foundation! It really does look mattifying on your hand darling!