Robanda: Marilyn Brush, Snappi, & Bodyography

Headquartered in San Diego, Robanda International is anything but your stereotypical California company. Originally formed in 1999 by David Leib (President and CEO) and Anthony Leib (Vice President Sales), Robanda was named in combination of the three Leib brothers, Robert, Anthony, and David. Cousin Shawn joined them a few years later and now heads up International sales.

Robanda's Anti-Aging Skin Care brand sits on the cutting edge of skin care. Robanda chemists have searched the world for the most active natural ingredients, and then researched and developed cosmeceutical products with unique formulas. This ultimately produces incredible products with visible results on your skin. All Robanda Anti-Aging Skin Care products are formulated and tested to be suitable on all skin types (including sensitive skin) and is not tested on animals. Our Anti-Aging Hand Cream was voted "Best Hand Treatment in USA" by beauty editors in 2004 and 2005. Robanda Skin-care is now being exported to more than 35 countries worldwide, with some of the most prestigious stores in the world carrying the brand.

Marilyn Monroe Flat Brush
● Ideal for daily brushing
● Hair extensions
● Reinforced natural boar bristles
I love this brush!
It's also perfect for extensions, because it doesn't break or damage the hair.

Marilyn Monroe Vent Brush
● Wide, firm ABS resin
● Scalp nurturing pin tips
● Amazing grip
This is a good basic everyday de-tangling brush.

Marilyn Monroe Tuxedo Brush
● Reinforced natural boar bristles
● Designed for volume
● Perfect for travel
So my mum, a hair-stylist of 30+ years said that at the last Redken Convention/Class she went to they used this brush the whole time!
I blew me hair dry with this and it left it volumized, soft and bouncy.
I LOVE this brush!

Dry Shampoo
"Fresh Clean Hair in a Snap"
Check it out HERE
Revives hair between washes. A waterless shampoo that instantly gives hair body and a fresh clean feeling. Great for use on the go, in the office, in the car, traveling, at the gym, etc. Absorbs excess oil leaving hair feeling fresh and fragrant.
So Robanda, the distributor of the ever-so-famous Batiste Dry Shampoo, now has formulated their OWN dry shampoo, Snappi!
I love Snappi!
I haven't tried Batiste, but I hear great things about it.
Snappi smells amazing, and gives so much volume to my hair, making it easier to style!

Read about Bodyography HERE

Natural Finish Face Bronzer
Finally, a product that will give your skin that Caribbean glow…naturally! Created with minerals for every skin tone, this buildable formula is packed with powerful anti-aging ingredients. Natural Finish Face Bronzer imparts a revitalized feeling to the skin while providing light coverage and a gorgeous, natural looking tan!

I add this to my foundations that are too light on my skin.
It adds a little more color so I can match it to my skin better.
Also, it adds a GORGEOUS glow!
I even contoured with this OVER my foundation, and used it as a bronzer.

Pressed Powder
* Breathable formula allows for all-day wear
* Smooth and silky in texture for easy application
* Enhanced with anti-aging properties to restore skin's overall health
* Lightweight and versatile formula layers for desired coverage
* Enhances complexion of skin with hint of glow and brightness
* Vitamins A,C, & E, provide essential daily nutrients
* Disguises minor imperfections through light reflecting technology
* Formula's moisturizing properties condition and treat while preventing caking

At first, I thought this shade was going to be too dark, but it blended lighter than it looked in the compact.
It's a nice medium coverage and it has a silky texture.

Creme Blush
Bodyography créme blush color goes on sheer or can be built up for dramatic color. Our exclusive créme to powder formula glides on smoothly and blends evenly. It can be used all over as a face and body shimmer, a blush, eye or lip cover.
* Non greasy formula works for all skin types
* Transparent color provides a radiant sheen
* Layers easily for color building

This kind of reminds me of MAC's Cream Colour Base in Shell.
However, it has a tiny bit more color than Shell.
It has a funny scent to it, that's the only downside...
but it's beautiful on the high-planes of the face (underneath the brows, and above the cheekbones).


wuzzyangel said...

Whoa that's a bronzer! LOL! Very dazzle!!

And awww Marilyn on pink brushes! :) I wish I could use dry shampoos but the tend to leave a white flakes on me...

Jenny del Castillo said...

OMFG!!!! I´m dying for that Marilyn Monroe Flat Brush!!! Great great review!!!

Nik said...

Those brushes are too cute! Great review on the rest of the products as well!


lindah said...

The brushes look fabulous :) But it's such a shame I don't blow dry my hair :( I don't even straighten my hair! But if I did, I would take the last one into consideration :D That one looks like the BEST out of the three! and that BRONZER looked crazyy before you blended it in!