Robanda: Jingles & The Marilyn Brush

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Jingles Professional
Professional Hair Care Products.
Designed for Performance.
Environmentally Responsible.
Jingles encourage you to put some fun in your hair, your work, your life...

Voted by Salon Plus Best Firm Hold Hair Spray
in USA".

Offers the ultimate holding power needed.
Ideal for artistic, creative styles with volume and design. Dries and holds instantly, and will hold your style around the clock. Number 1 hairspray in the USA due to its unbelievable hold. Now Available in both VOC and regular versions. Travel size 1.5oz also available.

The Marilyn Brush
● Wood Handle ● 100% reinforced boar-bristle ● Bristles perpendicular to the barrel for straightening ● Perfect for purse and travel size
I really like this brush!
Perfect for traveling, so true.
But the handle isn't too small- I actually like the grip of it.


wuzzyangel said...

Such a great brush! But my hair looks like it'd be too thick for it! LOL!

lindah said...

The brush looks huge o_O?? But then again, I don't take my brushes with me when I leave the house.. I really don't take anything with me! lol