Number 4 High Performance Hair Care Review

"Our collection was founded with the mission to develop a creative, high performance hair care line that runs parallel to fashion, science, art, music and Industrial Design creative cycles. By combining nature's greatest ingredients, forward-edge technology and innovation, we make your hair be what it should be- the ultimate look that defines new stylistic territories. We use the highest quality essential oils and extracts to repair damage, keep hair young, supple and color new. We gently cleanse with no harsh sulfates and we style with no stripping alcohols. We exclude all ingredients potentially toxic to humans, rare vintage couture, and our dear environment; 100% Vegan, Sulfate, Gluten, Bad Taste and Paraben Free formulas are never ever tested on any animal."

L'eau de Mer
Hydrating Shampoo

Moisturizes and color protects while replenishing splendour.
Vitamin B5 properties create shine and condition improving your hair's bourgeoisie strength, keeping it clean from any stylistic sin.
Spec: Silicones leave hair feeling soft and smooth while enhancing gloss shine.
Scoop: Highly concentrated formula. Desire more lather add more water, not more product.

Lumiere d'hiver
Reconstructing Masque
Milan... Dahling... Milan!
Let's create, restore and reconstruct.
This treatment infuses moisture, proteins and divine intelligence to give your hair that Pret-a-Porter glow so needed during fashion week.

Spec: Jojoba Seed Oil acts as a natural moisturizer and environmental shield.
Scoop: Leave on hair for 3-5 minutes to achieve maximum moisturizing benefits.

My take:
These two products are awesome! They have such a great, clean, fresh smell and it leaves your hair smelling like it does in the bottle!
The quality is exciting! The hydrating shampoo is very concentrated so a LITTLE goes a LONG way.
The reconstructing masque is amazing. It nourishes the hair, without reside- keeping it soft and smooth for days.
Where to Buy?
Go to Number 4 High Performance Hair Care & click on WHERE TO BUY!!


wuzzyangel said...

Cool packaging! You always find great haircare products!

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