Mally Beauty Review #2!!

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I am a sucker for Mally's packaging!
How about you?

Perfect Prep Eye Primer
QVC Exclusive
What is it: An ultra-light, non-greasy primer that smoothes the eye area and provides a perfect preparation for eye makeup. The formula looks and feels beautiful, helps diffuse the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and works to extend your eye makeup's wear.
Who is it for: All women who want a youthful, lasting eye look.
Why is it different: Perfect Prep eye primer is a smooth, siliconic primer that fills and diffuses tiny lines as it preps the eye area for makeup. The perfect primer brush helps ensure pinpoint application.
How do I use it: Using the precision brush, dot primer under and over the eye, as desired.
  • 0.5 oz perfect prep eye primer
  • Perfect primer brush
  • Brush made in China; Primer made in USA
What Mally has to say:

To be honest, I would never want to be back in my 20’s. Although so many great things happened in that time (I found friends and experiences that will be with me forever, I began my exciting and fulfilling journey as a makeup artist, I met and married my gorgeous husband) I am happy to reminisce about those special moments and move on to what is ahead with all of the knowledge I have now!!!

The only thing I do miss. . . hahaha. . . my skin! Especially the delicate skin around my eyes! What the. . . ??? When did I get all of these wrinkles, funky fine lines and dryness? Help is on the way!!!!

My Eye Primer is the best way to get those eyes back from our twenties! Amazingly luxurious and pure magic, not only will it feel incredible, fill in fine lines and wrinkles, smooth out your skin, but it will make your makeup last from morning til you decide to take it off!!!

Of course, I give you everything that you need. Take the top of the line brush and dip it gently into product. Smooth it all over your eye area. . . under your eyes, outside your eyes, even on your lids-anywhere you want to feel young and smooth!

Enjoy this special trip back to our twenties! We may not be dancing on tables anymore (or maybe we are!) but our skin doesn’t have to show it!

Application Tips:
Perfect Prep is a great treatment by itself, or under your makeup to keep colors true, extend wear, and keep your look polished till you take it off. The product comes with a specially designed brush that smoothes the product on; to avoid tugging or pulling that finger application can produce.

24/7 Professional Full Coverage Concealer System
QVC Exclusive
What is it: 24/7 Instant Erase concealer is the answer to last-minute touch-ups or late-breaking dramas. The simple, two-step system conceals beautifully and sets to last with a gorgeous, natural finish.
Who is it for: All women who want a youthful, flawless look.
Why is it different: 24/7 Instant Erase concealer is a two-step system that combines the complete coverage of a cream with the flawless, no-budge finish of a powder. The high-performance system looks beautiful, and lasts and lasts.
How do I use it: Dot the cream on a blemish or spot. Shake the dabber and dot the powder right on top of the cream.
  • 0.07 oz slimline cream concealer stick
  • 0.02 oz setting powder with sponge dabber
  • Pink pouch with silvertone logo
  • Pouch: 100% polyurethane
  • Pouch made in China; Cosmetics made in Canada
What Mally has to say:

I am extremely passionate about a perfect canvas! How are we (I mean you, me, my celeb clients. . . everyone!) supposed to go out there and be the Superwomen that we are with dark circles under our eyes, blemishes, age spots, hyper pigmentation. . . (need I go on??) Oh no, Honey. . . we need to look FIERCE, natural and perfect to go and conquer the world! AND we need to know that this perfection is going to last for us and not come off til we decide to take it off!!!

Introducing 24/7 Concealer!!!!

Just like all of the 24/7 Products that you know, love and trust, this little system is THE way to get the perfect canvas that you have always dreamed of. . . and look THAT perfect from the minute you out it on til the end of your hectic day!

Application Tips:

It’s so easy: First, take the cream stick and gently swipe it under your eyes, over dramas, or use a brush for super tiny issues. Then, take the special setting/activating powder. To activate the special Dabber, twist the cap half open, then shake the tube upside down to load the powder. Then, just dab the special setting powder right on top of the cream. . . MAGIC! My special technology is going to change your life!

I am so happy that you decided to try this system. . . the less time you worry about the little things (which can many times feel like big things!) the more time you have for living, loving and enjoying! Love you!!!

The Setting Powder

I feel like the sponge/puff doesn't release enough powder for under my eyes, so I have to pour some from the tube.
It's an awesome setting powder!
I LOVE the full coverage of the creamy concealer!
Highly recommended.


wuzzyangel said...

The eye primer is deceiving as far as amount with the packaging! LOL! But good to know that the concealer is good! :)

lindah said...

that puff is so small! O_O But I love the purple packaging :)