Lush Review: got vanilla??

Check out my first Lush review HERE!!

Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb

Delicious vanilla crème brûlée satisfies sweet tooths

When Mo, LUSH founder and product creator extraordinaire, presents a new bath bomb at a team meeting, she fills a bowl with warm water, drops the bomb in, and then sends it around the room for everyone to smell. With Vanilla Fountain, no one wanted to let go of the bowl and pass it on. Its comforting vanilla scent comes from natural vanilla absolute (the posh stuff made from real vanilla pods) with a touch of restful sandalwood and a note of burnt caramel. Inspired by decadent French desserts, Vanilla Fountain makes a perfect post-meal bath. Indulge without guilt.
See that stick? It's real vanilla!

Sugar Babe Sugar Scrub

Sugary body scrub for smooth and healthy skin

As you probably know by now, one of our aims in life is to make as many things solid as possible to eliminate unnecessary packaging. Rowena, a lovely product inventor, dreamed up this new fabulous innovative scrub. Full of moisturizing extra virgin coconut oil which solidifies into a butter to leave skin super soft and scented with ylang ylang flowers and mimosa blossom, so we can smell supremely sweet (just like sugar).

Vanilla Delite Body Lotion
8.45 oz.

Delightfully soothing creamy vanilla scented lotion for your body and hands

The LUSH body creams that come in black pots are thicker ones; the lighter ones, like Vanilla Delite, turn up in bottles (100% recycled of course). It's been named Delite instead of Delight as a joke, not to annoy the writing team. The important thing is that it's made with lovely light oils and butters – including Hawaiian tamanu and monoi – organic coconut water. Use it to scent and soften your skin.
This body lotion is very lightweight.
The scent is wonderful, it's more of a floral vanilla rather than a creamy vanilla.
I've been using this every day!

Honey I Washed The Kids Solid Perfume

Sweet honey toffee soothes deliciously

Finding yourself running to the sink more than necessary just to get your Honey I Washed The Kids scent fix? Problem solved! Apply this skin-soothing solid perfume anywhere, anytime and revel in the mouthwatering scent of everyone's favorite honeyed toffee soap. Look Ma, no sink!
This scent lasts very long on the skin!
I was so happy about this because it smells absolutely delicious!!

Bath Time!!!

I broke the Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb in half...

Dropped it in the tub...

see it fizzing?!

Using the Sugar Babe Sugar Scrub!

It dissolves slowly as you scrub your body...


wuzzyangel said...

I love how you took pics "IN" the bath! LOL! Showing us some sexy leg!!!

Unknown said...

Great review. I really liked the sugar babe scrub but my one crumbled into tiny pieces so I could only get 2 uses out of it.

lindah said...

are you nekkid in there my dear?!?! O_O If I did that, my boyfriend would be like WTF! hahaha XD and the bathtub looks like a biggo mountain dew mixing station! xD It's even fizzing! ^_^ and the scrub looks like it'd be a good scrub, I'm almost out of my current body scrub! :(

Nik said...

Everything from Lush looks amazing! I want to try them!


Anonymous said...

I love the sugar babe sugar scrub! I actually JUST did a mini review on it, haha LOVE IT!

mark said...

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