Liz Alig T-Shirt Dress Review!

...one of a kid dresses made from recycled materials...

Liz Alig is dedicated to creating one of a kind dresses that are both fashion forward and eco-friendly. Dresses by Liz Alig incorporate ethnic and vintage styles with unique recycled fabrics. Each dress is completely unique and handcrafted.
All garments are made from 100% recycled fabrics. The fabrics that are incorporated into each style come from vintage dresses, skirts, shirts, coats and even curtains. All textiles are cleaned thoroughly and re-worked into one of a kind dresses. This method of design not only promotes the recycling of textiles but also gives a vintage look to the dresses.
Liz Alig believes in promoting eco-friendly and ethical procedures in every area of production. Dresses are produced under fair trade conditions and 10% of all sales are donated to developing countries to support the skills training of women and street children.


First of all, how great is this concept?
Taking t-shirts, recycling them to make a new dress!
Not only is it adorable, but because it's made of t-shirt fabric, it's super comfortable as well!


Anonymous said...

great idea!

wuzzyangel said...

Yay for recycling! And that T-dress is cute!!