Holiday Must Have Lingerie with Splendour!

Holiday season is coming and many of us will be searching for the perfect holiday dress!
You know those gorgeous BACKLESS dresses you always wanted to buy, but you never did because, let's face it, what kind of bra would you wear?
Well no more hesitation to buying that backless dress, because Splendour has the perfect solution with there Diamante Collection!

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Diamante Strapless Bra
The Diamante Strapless is not only eye-catching but also offers fantastic push up shape. It boasts a beautiful jewellery back which is designed to be shown. Ideal for low backed outfits.
Fabric Content: 83% Polyester, 13% Nylon, 4% elastane

Diamante Basque
The Diamante Basque is a fantastic garment to wear with low backed outfits. It is designed with an inner bra to compliment the bust and also boning to shape the body. The basque is front opening for convenience and can also be worn as outerwear.
Fabric Content: 78% Polyester, 10% Nylon, 7% Cotton, 5% Lycra
This is, by far, the most comfortable corset/basque I have ever tried.
The sweet-heart shape gives you enough coverage, yet BOOSTS the "girls" up enough to give cleavage. It's like a breast-lift in a corset! haha!
The boning gives a beautiful shape the the body... just gorgeous!!

Do you see the "flaps" on the bottom? I am not lingerie expert so I don't know what those are called, however, the are great for accentuating a narrow waist in order to give a sexy hourglass figure...
OR if you already HAVE those lovely lovely "love-handles," then these flaps rest nicely on top :)

Open up the corset and underneath is a support and LIFTING bra!

Sculpture Regular Waist High Leg Brief
Splendour's range of body shaping lingerie uses hidden panels and unique comfort boning to create a fabulous shape under clothes. It is also very modern and beautiful so you will feel great wearing it.
Need a tummy tuckin' panty?
Look no further, this is made with built-in-boning to help flatten the stomach!
And suck in what needs to be...well... sucked in!

Diamante Brief
The Splendour Diamante brief boasts a beautiful jewellery back to compliment any of the bras in the Diamante range.
Fabric Content: 95% Polyester, 5% Elastane


Cascade Thong
The Splendour Cascade thong perfectly compliments any of the diamante bras.
Fabric Content: 74% Nylon, 15% Elastane, 11% Cotton

They have a 2 for 1 deal going on!!
Check it out here:
...the lingerie wardrobe...


sternchenslove said...

Oh wow!!! The back from the lingerie are so hot! I need that!!!!!

hanidee said...

That looks really awesome. I don't wear lingerie, but I really like it!

wuzzyangel said...

Lovin the concept for the backs of the bras!! Really bling! And such a remedy for those of us who HAVE to wear a bra! LOL!

But DANG those underwears are a little too risque for me! LOL! Rock them Whit!

lindah said...

they're soooo SEXY looking! IDK if I could stand the panties though.. lol, the metal backing might scare me before I can get comfortable! haha :) but you must be into some kinky stuff huh? ;D j/k!