H20+ Face Oasis Ultra Hydrator Review

Faces Oasis
Ultra Hydrator
Inspired by our best-selling Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment, new Face Oasis Ultra Hydrator delivers five times the moisture of the original. Enriched with nutri-sphere technology, Atlantic brown algae and antioxidant multivitamins, this oil-free formula supplies a deep surge of moisture to instantly replenish and illuminate your skin.

+A potent water-infused gel that protects skin against daily dehydration and environmental offenders
+Advanced bio-marine extracts provide instant, intense hydration, giving a firmer, plumper, more youthful appearance
+Nutri-Spheres help deliver a powerful dose of our Polyvitamin Profusion; a hydrating synthesis of antioxidants that help diffuse free radical damage
+Skin-illuminating texture revives a dull complexion, giving a healthy, youthful glow
+Created to synergistically work with all Oasis moisturizers

This product smells absolutely divine.
It's fresh, lightweight and super hydrating.
It isn't greasy or sticky at all!

Love this!
Highly recommended!


wuzzyangel said...

Ooo it's blue! LOL! Sounds good. I hear good things about their body moisturizer too! :)

lindah said...

:O! this looks like hair product.. LOL! xD (bedhead manipulator)