Gossypium Blouse Review

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Our ongoing company objective is to create a strong collection of classic products which respect Gossypium's ethical & environmental values, at the right price for the consumer.

"Welcome to our world of ethical living!"

Abi & Thomas Petit
Co-founders & Directors of Gossypium

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A beautifully made, organic cotton blouse for warm summer days.

-Organic & Fairtrade

-100% Cotton

I think this is such a cute babydoll-style top!
Reminds me of Spring!!


wuzzyangel said...

Ahh this is soo CUTE!! I need more babydoll tops! Hrmmm... what is the conversion.... dang!! LOL!

M. Uson said...

OMG SO FREAKING CUTEEE!!! I love the whole vintage concept and the color scheme.