Etsy Review: Under The Root

Under The Root grows out of Chicago, the lovechild of Jennifer M. Brown. The structures are designed to connect wearers with their personal charm, burlesque nature, conscious responsibility and utilitarian character.

The patterns have the inclination to uncover an individual sensuality and playfulness. This discovery then releases the humor and desire for pieces that provide a succinct overlay between the skin and turn on the needs for what breathes underneath.

Today, each handmade structure reflects a use of materials guided by the grace of our human bodies. The designs display the nostalgia of the vintage eras they represent and the functionality and advancements of the twenty first century.

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Undine's Undies
A water sprite which delves to the depths for life A simple, functional, elegant pair of undergear! This design is similar to the 'BlumenUndies' although lingerie trim instead of satin foldover elastic. A boycut, boyshort holding your hipline. Contstructed with your choice of color in organic and reclaimed cotton jersey knits. Lingerie trim in your choice of dove grey, deep purple, brilliant red, white, or black. Cotton lined.

Happiness Hipster
Your hips hold all the talking and walking A high waist undergarment offered in the choice of reclaimed and organic cotton jersey knits. Cotton lined for element protection. Your choice of the lingerie elastic trim: dove grey, deep purple, brilliant red, white, or black.

These undies are adorable!! They are super comfortable and I love the high-waist red ones- I wear 'em to bed! Under The Root has many more styles that you must check out!

Under The Root

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wuzzyangel said...

Super cute & comfortable looking!