Color-Tag: Yellow!!

My aussie-love, Mz.Sarah, tagged me!
She is amazingly creative, love her blog!!
I had to pick 7 YELLOW things/products out from around my house.
This tag made me realize I have NOTHING YELLOW!!!
It's such a bright and cheerful color, yet I hardly own anything yellow...

1. Yellow Shirt
just received this the other day from Urban Buzz *review coming soon*
I LOVE the black over-lace detail on the front!

2. Yellow Eyeshadow
My favorite yellow eye shadow that I own is Bright Sunshine by MAC.

3. Yellow Fruit
I love nanerrrrzzzz!

4. Yellow Necklace
Okay so it's not a bright yellow, however it's called "Pineapple" and it has gorgeous streaks of yellowish-gold running through it!

5. Yellow Flowers
So the first are fake and then the last two pictures are dried yellow-roses.

6. Yellow Bangle
I found this as I was searching high-and-low...
I used to own a set of these but there's only one left lol!

7. Yellow Headband
Rockin' it 80's style.

Okay so I choose the color RED!!!
I tag:


Nik said...

I love that top!

Thanks for the tag! I'll post mine soon!


Gaby Fauchon said...

Hi Withz! Thanks for the tag! But I'm not sure I own a lot of red things... that will be fun!

wuzzyangel said...

I need to do this one too! LOL! Great headband! :)

Sarah said...

Ohhh YAY!!!!
I love all your yellow things- I don't think I would have many yellow things either- but you did so well! Love them all, and you look gorgeous as always :)

Friend in Fashion said...

Thanks for the tag sweety! I'll start searching :)

Loving the headband on you - very nice :)


sternchenslove said...

Hi, thank you for tagging. I´ll start today!

Have a nice day!

lindah said...

awh, yellow headband! and there's something about dried roses.. I just can't have them in my room anymore! I think because a spider made a home out of mine once :(