Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream Review

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Multi-Active Day
Multi-Active Day is the newest innovation from Clarins; high performance skin care with new formulas and textures, that goes beyond prevention to visibly correct early signs of aging.

Early wrinkle correction cream-gel
Normal to combination skin

Normal to combination skin

- Powerful and targeted early wrinkle control.
- Reinforced and continuous antioxidant defense delivered directly to the skin.
- Radiance boosting action.
- Dermal-epidermal junction repair.
- Dermatologist tested. Non-comedogenic.
Active Ingredients:
- Ambiaty, a healing plant ingredient from Madagascar, reinforces support of the epidermis and helps reduce the appearance of early wrinkles.
- Hesperidin, extracted from orange peel, is one of the most powerful and natural antioxidants, protects skin against daytime aggressors, continuously delivering ingredients, all day long.
- Katafray, protects skin’s barrier function, improves hydration.
- Light-reflecting pigments optically enhance skin, improving radiance and offers a satin finish on skin.

First of all, this smells AMAZING!
It's fresh and lightly scented.
I have tons of day creams, however I use this one because it keeps me hydrated without being greasy.
I am all for PREVENTING wrinkles, this is perfect for us in our 20's and 30's- better to start sooner than later, right?


wuzzyangel said...

I always wanna try CLARINS stuff cuz of all the good things I hear about them. But the $$ is too steep for me! LOL! It kinda reminds me of strawberry yogurt. You know the kind you have to mix?! LOL!

xLovelyMakeupx said...

i got a sample size from sephora and i loved it so i purchased it, hadnt done a review because well idont have wrinkles so really i cant base it on anything but yea its a great products i love it

lindah said...

this looks really nice :) Looks very lightweight and kinda like it has a gel texture ^_^