Cardboard Robot T-Shirt Review

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First off, every single shirt is super soft, and very comfortable.
CBR has so many different designs, anyone could find a shirt they like from CBR.
They're fun, unique, catchy, not cheezy.

"We are the night"
Love this shirt.
Makes me want to be a VAMPIRE for halloween...

See the guy through her sunglasses?
Looks like he's coming after her with a chain-saw.
She doesn't look scared, she looks pissed, like "I'm a Motha-Fuggin' vampire, bring it bitch."

This is not your "not-so-average" leopard-print tee.
I like.

The back is white and sheer, so I'd wear a white tank underneath...

"Enter the Chuck"
Pink Babydoll
Warning: Once shirt is worn, you may experience an unexplained attitude of arrogance.
People will see you and think to themselves "wow, she's badass."

This shirt is sheer, which I like- because it's breathable and soft- but I'd opt to wear a tank underneath.
If you think you are extremely badass- a BLACK bra underneath will do just fine ;)

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wuzzyangel said...

Haha!! I'm a muth fugging vampire! LOL! You crack me up!! And you ARE BADASS!!! ;)

These are super cool tees!! Thanks for sharing the company with us! I love graphic tees!