The Body Shop New Fragrance: LOVE ETC..!!

The most anticipated fragrance of the season...
A sweet, sensual, warm fragrance with notes of Jasmine, Vanilla and Sandalwood.

Love Etc. was created by renowned perfumer Dominique Ropion.
It includes an Eau de Parfum, Body Wash and Body Lotion.
It launched on 10/19 and if you buy it HERE, you can get free shipping!!

Love Etc...
Body Wash

Love Etc...
Body Lotion

Love Etc..

I'm not one for Jasmine scents- however this fragrance DOES NOT have an overly powerful Jasmine scent...
I smell a little vanilla, however I don't smell much sandalwood- so it isn't at all spicy.
It is a little musky, flowery, and not too sweet.
It's a fragrance that many people would like; I think this would make a great gift set!


Nik said...

The bottles are adorable!


Unknown said...

oh man, this sounds really really good!!

wuzzyangel said...

I could never get into THE BODY SHOP scents. They were always too strong for me. But the packaging on these are adorable!

lindah said...

the body shop smells yummy whenever I walk by, BUT I don't think I could stand smelling it when I'm wearing it all day xD