Bobbi Brown Foundation & Base Review

Vitamin Enriched Face Base
A Bobbi Brown Best-Seller. Bobbi recommends this as the first step to prepare skin for the smoothest makeup application. Rich in feel, but never greasy, this advanced oil-free, face formula, with Shea Butter, instantly hydrates, softens, and cushions skin. Carrot Extract and Vitamin A Complex help minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamins C and E help protect against environmental damage. Grapefruit and Geranium fragrances leave a light, uplifting scent on skin. With daily use, skin looks and feels its best. Dermatologist-tested.

This is my favorite makeup base at the moment!
Since the weather is getting more cold and more dry, I tend to lean towards more hydrating foundations and bases.
This base feels like a moisturizer, but it really fills in the pores and fine lines.
It is NOT AT ALL greasy!
It absorbs very quickly, which I like, leaving an even canvas to work the foundation into.

Skin Foundation SPF 15
A truly modern foundation that offers invisible, weightless coverage that looks like skin, not makeup. This long-wearing formula evens tone, minimizes the appearance of pores, conceals imperfections, and offers broad spectrum UV protection. Its hydrating technology leaves skin feeling cushioned, comfortable, and clean. Ideal for all skin types. Now, Bobbi’s making it easier than ever for a woman to find her perfect foundation with an expanded shade range including three new shades requested by artists and customers alike: Cool Beige, Natural Tan, and Warm Honey.
I am SO excited to talk about this foundation!
Again, the weather is drier so I want a foundation that isn't going to dry my skin out ever more.
This is the most natural looking, yet completely buildable foundation!
I have TONS of foundations, but every morning I continue to pick this one up and let it work its magic!
I know I sound like I am exaggerating, but I kid you not, this is my favorite Fall season foundation.
It also lasts all day.
At first I was hesitant because it was so liquidy and I am not used to working with an extremely liquidy product.
I've applied it with a sponge, foundation brush, and 187 skunk brush and I like how it applied using all 3 methods.
Bottom line, the formula is amazing.
Your skin will look like skin and not a mask.
Highly recommended!!

I am 2 Sand.
It's so great to find a perfect-matching foundation.
That is what I have the hardest time with- finding the right shade.
This isn't too yellow, it's more neutral golden and it matches me so well!


Anonymous said...

Great review, Whitz! I'm now really interested in the face base. I usually don't use any bases, because I just can't stand many layers on my face for some reason. :/ But this one seems to be really nice.

And yep, The BB Skin Foundation SPF 15 is indeed one of the BEST fluid foundations in the market! It's my favorite fluid foundation either! <3

Now, if BB would bring out a compact version of this one with the same finish and everything, than it would be perfect for me, hehe... ;)

wuzzyangel said...

The base does remind me more of a moisturizer!

Unknown said...

wow, both sounds like a winner!! esp the base.

Anonymous said...

I have so many bases, but you make me want this one, too!

Nik said...

I nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger award! Check it out!


Anonymous said...

Great review! The fondation looks really good, specially since it doesn't look to yellowish. Thanks for sharing!

hanidee said...

I've been looking for a face base high and low and I still can't find one that I really like. Thanks a ton for reviewing this because that Bobbi Brown base sounds awesome! I'll definitely give that a try!

Thanks for tagging me as well babe! I'll try to do it soon! *hugs*

Marietta said...

Thanks for the review doll! :)

lindah said...

the base looks really interesting! And that's great you found the perfect match :)