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SnapDragon Beauty Beverage
This delicious private blend of powerful anti aging super-fruits and botanicals features Mango, Pomegranate and Acai Berry juices. A mélange of teas (green, white, and gorgeous red) infuse some spice to your life. Seven daily vitamins plus Collagen, Aloe Vera, Foti, Ginkgo Biloba and Baobab Fiber round out this exotic beauty mix, supported by naturally safe extracts, fruits and minerals which may enhance energy. No preservatives or sugars added (you're sweet enough). Used daily, Snapdragon may help repair, restore and re-balance your body's internal systems, naturally giving your skin a radiant, beautiful glow. It may boost your overall vitality when added to your daily beauty regimen for optimal health, inside and out. Luscious and fabulously refreshing, there is not another match on the market, just like you.

Look at all of those vitamins!!

This is yummy, not overly sweet.
This drink tastes amazing!!
And it's so true that a nice complexion starts from within.

Luxee Yeux
Eye Beauty Balm

Love the gorgeous packaging!!
Luxurious eyes, Luxee Yeux. Make that - Lucky You! Rehabilitating mature aging skin around the delicate eye area, this corrective and emollient balm is a highly effective combination of luxe ingredients specifically formulated to counter the three prominent signs of aging - moisture loss, collagen breakdown, and free radical damage.
Calendula oil, a natural anti-inflammatory, is added to reduce the appearance of under-eye puffiness while orange oil improves the appearance of the delicate skin around the eyes and helps correct age-related damage. Jojoba oil and vitamin E protect the delicate skin from environmental stresses and support the restructuring of the tissue. A super anti-aging agent at your call - Lucky You!

This is, literally, a balm.
It's very soothing and hydrating, believe it or not.

I would recommend this for night-time use.
If you wear it under concealer, it will crease.

Tragic Magic
Rescue Creme
"Say it isn't so...this can't be happening to me!" How many times have you felt this way? Too many days to count? Not to fear. Tragic Magic has come to the rescue! It soothes, decongests, desensitizes, rebalances and stabilizes the flush of hyper-reactive skin. That's not all. It will also reinforce the protective barrier of your skin to ward off those pesky free radicals and save the day.
Tragic Magic Rescue Crème is designed to correct the excessive sensitivity of the facial skin and restore equilibrium to the self-defending barrier of highly reactive skin. Immediately, the skin is calmed with lime, then desensitized and decongested by a blend of skin defenders.
Jojoba, rose hips, calophyllum, soja and avocado insaponifiables protect and balance skin's defenses and, with the protection of vitamin E against cell-damaging free radicals, your skin can re-hydrate to regain a balanced moisture level. With an impressive show, these protective ingredients perform to present your skin with serenity and harmony. No smoke and mirrors with our Magic Trick. Peace in, Peace out.

This is such a luxurious creme!
I really like it!
All of the ingredients are so soothing...

Au Revoir!
Trouble Spot Treatment
Say goodbye to bumps and blotches pronto! Relief is here and ready to spot you. Use on troublesome pimples, whiteheads and bumps. The disinfecting, healing and anti-inflammatory properties of salicylic acid combine to restore the skin's surface and help normalize the production of sebum, controlling the formation of blemishes.
Camphor provides unmatched properties to purify and disinfect the skin, while the anti-bacterial ingredients tighten pores, allowing your skin's surface to gradually take on a completely new appearance - uniform, clean and matte. Apply wherever needed. Say AU REVOIR to Spots and Bonjour to Smooth Skin!

This bottle was shaken when I took this photo.
So the pink usually settles to the bottom.
When you dip a q-tip in it, then you place it on the blemish and it dries up the pimple!


wuzzyangel said...

I had a few samples from them in a MyPrettyPinkBox before. I really liked the TARTE D'AMANDE Soufflé Riche Pour Le Corps. My skin DRANK it up! And the dry oil from them was good too!

Great picks from them!

lindah said...

tragic magic? I dont think that's a good idea to name a product! lol makes it sound like something bad is going to happen O_O

Anonymous said...

I am a Votre Vu Brand Ambassador and would be happy to get together with anyone interested in trying these amazing products and who would like to take some samples home.
I am in the Chicagoland area.
Isn't it time you LOVE your skin?
Bea De Castro

Anonymous said...

I am a Brand Director with Votre Vu and I have to say I like how you showed the product on your hand,spoke of the consistency. Not just the outside of the box. You also hi-lighted all products that I use and drink daily, among other votre vu products.

If anyone is interested in samples, learning about our discount purchasing program contact me at

Heather said...

Love all the photos!

I too am a Brand Ambassador and have been using the products over a year since the company launched.

Not only do I love SnapDragon but so do my kids and husband. And I would much rather them pull out a bottle of SnapDragon then a soda.

Luxee Yeux - one of my favs. It's also great to use around the lips at night to minimize fine lines around the mouth. I have used it during the day under my make-up and didn't have issues with it though I did apply a thinner layer then I do at night. I'm like you...like using it at night more and then I use our Tout Le Monde Eye Gelee during the day.

I'm actively seeking fabulous women to join my team and help us spread the news about Votre Vu. Our products are fabulous and our company is top notch. It's a fun business!

Feel free to contact me for samples or to learn more about any of the products.

Heather Wolgamott

Anonymous said...

Another Founding Brand Ambassador/Star Director here and thank you so much for your fab VU lous comments.

Luxee Yeux is great for dry elbows, heels, and even cuticles as well as the eye and lip area. I am in New England and our super dry winters can wreak havoc on our skin. Our Amour D'ore dry oil is a must have too.

The Snapdragon has thankfully replaced my vitamin regimen. I would much rather drink them in this delicious beverage and see the benefits of "beauty from the inside out"!

I am looking for motivated individuals who would love to help Spread the Buzz about Votre Vu and either join my team as a consultant or preferred customer.

Would you like samples or more information? Just ask!

Michelle Smith Rapoza

Make it a great day!

Anonymous said...

Like many others, I too am a Votre Vu Brand Ambassador! I would love to talk to you about the amazing products and opportunities that Votre Vu has to offer. I live in New England and would love to talk with your or send you samples!

Christa Tomasi