To Die For Clothing

Established in 1997

To Die For Clothing is the product of two brothers love for art, music, and family. More than a decade ago, Jason Welsher, a drummer and staple in the Orange County hardcore, straight edge music scene, and Josh “Deph” Welsher an urban graffiti artist, toy designer, and skater, fused their influences into a tattoo-inspired fashion endeavor.

To Die For’s humble roots began with long nights spent creating T-shirts for local bands on a homemade press in their parents’ garage. Within a year, the brother’s were in a Costa Mesa warehouse silk screening for other companies during the day and designing for To Die For at night. Now, after more than 10 years and many sleepless nights, To Die For is an established Orange County independent fashion company.

Combining their love for music, charity, family, graffiti and tattoo-inspired art, Jason and Josh work hard to make To Die For more than just a fashion brand. Constantly organizing events and concerts to benefit charities close to their hearts, creating custom urban vinyl toys for collectors, bringing together well-known tattoo and graffiti artists for collaborative projects and developing limited edition, special run designs so customers can enjoy their own personal piece of wearable art, To Die For stays true to their roots and is proud to be the original tattoo-inspired clothing company.

Touch of Class
100% Cotton Short Sleeve V-Neck shirt. Soft and fitted.
This is a sexy, yet comfortable shirt.
I just need to get myself a white bra and I'll be wearing this very soon! lol!

Look at the fading on the outer-edges?

100% Cotton Short Sleeve Scoopneck T-shirt. Soft and fitted.

This one is my favorite! It's soo comfortable.
I love the tattoo designs, and the placement of the characters.

100% Cotton Short Sleeve T-shirt.

How awesomely cutness is this?! haha!

Okay, dang it, I am hooked now!
These shirts are SOOO damn comfy.
I LOVE the way they fit, they're lightweight, and top-quality.
They ship worldwide! Also they accept paypal!
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lindah said...

really nice clothing, but it's so expensive for a tshirt?!?! lol

wuzzyangel said...

The details on these shirts are very edgy! :) And dark.. reminds me a bit of EdHardy. Sweet picks Whit!