Thevi Cosmetics

THEVI mission is to celebrate our diverse ethnic backgrounds through the common and powerful love of color from our cultures and traditions.

The Founder:
With roots that reach deep into the Indian sub-continent, Thevi was born of Sri Lankan parents in New York State. She grew up as part of a vibrant, multi-ethnic community, whose diverse styles and cultures shared the common ties of strong family bonds, a love of color, a respect for traditions and a celebration of women as leaders, mothers, sensual beings. As a young woman, beginning her career and enjoying a busy social life, Thevi could never find cosmetics in shades that suited her coloring. Because she has always held that beauty is a way of empowerment, both at home and at work, she felt a keen need for a prestige makeup brand with colors that were rich and vibrant without being harsh. One with formulas that would complement her skin, and shades that were modern and sophisticated. In short, a collection of colorful, contemporary, no-gimmick makeup she could relate to "I know that there are many, many women like me. Women to whom ‘natural’ means ‘colorful.’ After all, what is more natural than a flower, a butterfly, a sunset? In our homes, in our dress, even in our foods and in our makeup, we are women who feel comfortable with color. In fact, we crave it. And while our skins come in a wide range of tones and shades, we all look best with a more intense makeup. Red lips. Strongly defined eyes. Visible cheek color. And of course, fresh, smooth complexions.

Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation
SPF 15
Smooth start to a flawless finish. This creamy fluid, fortified with a multi-mineral complex, provides just enough coverage to even out your complexion, not cover it up, while a blend of natural light diffusers creates a soft, flawless finish. Enriched with vitamins E and C for anti-oxidant protection, and skin-conditioning Vitamin A.

Hypoallergenic. Oil-free

1.2 fl. oz.

I love the feel of this product!
First of all, it's awesome for any skin-type- especially oily skin!
Secondly, the coverage is amazing!!!
Thirdly, it feels silky like a powder-finish, so you don't even really NEED a powder.

Triple Split Shadow
Shade: Bistro
Color coordinated eye shadow, for a finished look, in shades that show up on darker skin. Rich, triple-milled colors with a velvety finish glide on smoothly, blend beautifully and cling for hours. Water-proof. Crease-resistant. Formulated with skin-conditioning Vitamins C and E. Hypoallergenic. Mineral oil-free.
Look at how gorgeous these colors are?!

They are super smooth, with a high-color payoff!


Shizznizzle said...

I love Thevi =) Her eyeliner & bronzer is a HG for me =) that eyeshadow trio looks pretty!

izumi said...

oolalaaaaa.. both look really great! thanks for the heads up xD

wuzzyangel said...

Thanks for all the swatchies! Those e/s colors are gorgeous for fall! Such pretty plum shades!

B said...

That foundation looks super smooth!

lindah said...

that foundie looks like it has good yellow undertones to it :D I think it'd be perfect because mac nc40 is still kinda pink on me! WTF :( and the eyeshadow reminds me of a banana split because it's called triple split and the color is bistro :) haha