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-100% Super Soft Cotton
-American Apparel Jersey T

Warning, Pandas Are Bears
Oh wait, they're not? Sorry, my mistake.

The only reason I liked this shirt was because there's a panda on it.
Hey, I'm just being honest.
I love pandas! But YES, THEY ARE BEARS!!!
This shirt reminds my of this panda attack video I watched a while back:

Chinchillin like a villain.

This is so funny because years ago, a buddy of mine used to always say "ah nothing', I'm just chillin... you know CHIN-chillin'"- and I used to crack up so hard, and I had no idea why I thought it was so damn funny!
So now, I can keep those fun memories with me while wearing this shirt- cheezzzzyyyy!

Stay Classy San Diego
San Diego; The classiest city in history. It's a fact. The Germans discovered it in 1904, and they called it "San Diego." I don't think anyone knows what it means anymore. Scholars maintain that the translation was lost hundreds of years ago...

I had to have this shirt, I am a native San Diegan and damn proud of it!

Snorg Tees has some of the funniest shirts that I've seen.
Like "That's what she said," Congratulations! You're not illiterate," and many many more!
So funny, check it out:

An EOTD/FOTD wearing my:
"Warning, Pandas are bears" T-Shirt!

OCC Lip Tar in Grandma

An EOTD/FOTD wearing my:
"Chinchillin" T-Shirt!


izumi said...

OMGG i love those shirts, hahahaa. i laughed at the chinchillin' one too ;)

wuzzyangel said...

These are GREAT! :D LOL! I love them all!

Love the winging on your Panda FOTD!! And the bronzy colors on the second one are super pretty too!

Edna said...

Pandas are so cute!

Chiara said...

Love the first FOTD, the eyeliner is perfect, and I like the lip color.

lindah said...

love the funny shirts :) and I'm loving the eotd's :D You always do your liner so perfect! I usually doing mine in the car so sometimes it's pretty crooked LOL!

Rizzo said...

Snorg was my inspiration. Great bunch of guys.


Anonymous said...

:p nice look, but i think you upload a bit too many pics.

Deebawr Salim Alkhatib said...

what's the lip colour for both pictures?

Whitney & the full effect said...

occ lip tar in grandma