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About Us

Once upon a time, Roberta Perry decided that the skin products on the market were not satisfying her addiction to soft skin. They were either filled with artificial preservatives and/or colors, didn't do what they promised, or the scents were not quite right. She then did extensive research into skin care and natural based plant oils. Roberta tried various formulas of the scrub, testing bucket after bucket on herself and her sister Michelle.

One day, Michelle, having just recently sampled the latest formula, burst in the room announcing, "you have to sell this stuff...it's amazing!" 2 days later, Michelle called Roberta and announced she had the perfect name, thus...

Scrubzsm All Natural Sugar Body Scrub was born.

Scrubzsm uses only the finest and most natural ingredients, and our fragrance list is so extensive, there is a scent to please everyone. We even offer unscented!
You have only one skin, treat it to Scrubzsm All Natural Sugar Body Scrub and it will thank you for life!
By using an oil based, gentle, exfoliant/cleanser like Scrubz, to clean and moisturize your face and body, you are gently lifting out dead skin, dirt and grime from pores, as well as balancing your skin's own sebum oil. The gentle exfoliant gets in the grooves and breaks dirt and oil down, then the natural oils bind with the dirt molecules & help to wash them away. Your skin is left clean, silky smooth and naturally moisturized.
Scrubzsm is 4 Body Products in 1
• Facial Scrub/Cleanser
• Body Scrub/Cleanser
• Pre-Shave Prep and Shaving Oil
• Protective Moisturizer
It will never burn, irritate or dry your skin the way some other scrubs can and contains no alcohol, artificial color or preservatives.

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wuzzyangel said...

I love sugar scrubs for the body! They always leave you feeling soft and smelling good!