Safe Tan Review

...for ordinary people looking for an extraordinary tan!...

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This self tanner has NO bad smell; in my opinion, it's quite odorless!
I really like the natural color- you can build it and build it to get a really deep tan, if desired.
Highly Recommended!!

Safe Tan™ is designed to allow anyone to look better - without exposing your skin to the harmful effects of the sun, and without the use of harsh chemicals and preservatives!

Safe Tan™ provides instant natural colour immediately - without the mess or damage caused by other methods of tanning! No streaking, staining or smell! It's special formula adjusts to each individual's skin tone, providing you with a tan that not only looks natural, but also fades like a real tan.

Safe, long lasting and economical to use, the joy of using Safe Tan™ is that it's simple, easy and quick to apply!

Instant colour means you can see exactly where you've applied colour. Once you understand how it works, it's virtually foolproof. And even if you do happen to make a mistake, it's fully washable within the first hour.

Safe Tan™ dries almost immediately - except for the luxuriant moisturizers, leaving you with rich warm colour and beautifully soft skin.

With Safe Tan™, you control the colour. Spray directly from the bottle onto your body / skin or the paddle applicator, and then spread / blend the colour. The instant colour allows you to see exactly where you've been.

Once you've finished your application, it's easy to quickly check your skin to ensure you have even, smooth colour. If you've missed an area - simply apply colour to those areas.

And if you've made a mistake - there's no need to panic... Safe Tan™ is fully washable for the first hour after application. The end result is no missed areas or patchy application!

Safe Tan™'s easy application means it's also great for 'touch ups', camoflaging white strap marks etc. and maintaining your tan - face and body.

Safe Tan™'s carefully designed blend of moisturisers and carriers take the colour and emollients down into three layers of skin*.

So unlike many other self-tanners, it's not a topical application sitting on the surface. As your skin naturally exfoliates, it simply exposes the tanned lower layers beneath.

The result is that your tan fades gradually and naturally just like a real suntan.

You have the choice to allow your tan to fade, or if you want to maintain your desired tan, simply re-apply about once a week.

* These 3 layers of the skin are found in the surface layer of the epidermis - otherwise known as the stratum corneum. As there are no blood vessels located within the epidermis, Safe Tan™ does not cross the blood barrier.

The ultimate compliment to a beautiful tanned body.... a natural and healthy tanned face!

At last it's possible to have an easy, safe, and fool-proof 'outdoor look' on your face. No orange hued self-tanner look.

Safe Tan™ uses only facial grade moisturisers and doesn't discolour nails, hair, eyebrows or other facial hair. It can be applied over the eyelids and ears to create a believable, natural tan - tanning your face to perfection.

Some people even find that being able to tan your face so easily reduces the need for foundation / makeup.

[Note: As the skin on your face exfoliates more quickly than the rest of your body (due to more frequent washing etc.), re-applying on your face every 3 - 4 days will maintain your desired colour. And the best part is - it will only take you a few minutes!).

Safe Tan™ has a cold pressed Aloe Vera base. Aloe Vera is a hydrator of skin, as well as a moisturiser and emollient; it provides a wide range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, mucoproteins and mucopolysaccharides.

Safe Tan™ also contains NO preservatives, emulsifiers, allergens or irritants. It offers only the best emollients, nutrients, humectants and skin care ingredients.

One of the most unique benefits of Safe Tan™'s special Aloe-carriercombination is that it takes the colour and emollients right down to 3 layers of skin.

So when you put Safe Tan™ on, you're actually hydrating and moisturising your skin - evening out the vagaries of pigmentation caused by years of exposure to hostile environmental pollutants and irritants, and also smoothing out fine lines in the skin's surface. The result on the skin is a smoother and more even appearance, while it mutes veins and hides flaws.

You not only end up with warm rich colour, but beautifully soft skin!

Safe Tan™ doesn't contain harmful AHA's.

Recent studies sponsored by the FDA's (Food & Drug Administration) Office of Women's Health, have confirmed that applying an AHA to the skin can make people more susceptible to the damaging effects of the sun, including sunburn.

Safe Tan™ does not contain harsh chemicals which normally create a reaction on the surface of the skin, and which are a major cause of odour or offensive smell.

As there is no odour or offensive smell, this makes Safe Tan™ pleasant to apply, and is an especially important factor for anyone sensative to odours and chemical smell (including pregnant women).

Safe Tan™'s unique formula works with the skin's natural Amino Acids, and adjusts to each individual's skin tones. This gives a realistic and natural colour and your own unique tan.

This differs from the self-tanner formulas, which often contain chemicals that react with Melanin in the skin, which can then result in the skin taking on an unnatural orange hue.

Because Safe Tan™ works with each individual's skin and takes colour down 'into' 3 layers or skin* - this explains why Safe Tan™ is suitable for anyone - regardless of age, sex, skin type or colour.

[* This is in contrast to many 'topical' self-tanners where colour sits on the surface of the skin, and why individuals are often faced with the difficult and frustrating task of trying to 'match' a product or colour to their skin.]

It's significant that the formula in Safe Tan™ does not contain chemicals that are designed to react with the skin's melanin, - the level of which (i.e. melanin) differs individually in the skin of each person.

The colour in Safe Tan™ is absorbed down into 3 layers of skin. So as the skin is sloughed off and the lower layers are exposed, - thanks to the carriers, the skin underneath is already tanned and moisturised.

Therefore the tan fades out naturally and gradually just as with a real suntan. There's NO blotchy fade out, rusty elbows, knees and ankles etc.


wuzzyangel said...

Haha it's got the sponge brush!! I'd feel like I was painting myself! :) But it would apply it better then spray alone!

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to find Safe Tan anywhere. The product on the link you posted "Buy Safe Tan Here" looks nothing like the product you have pictured. Please help! Thank you!

Whitney & the full effect said...

@anonymous They totally re-did their packaging wow!! This post was back in 9/13/2009 so a couple of years makes a bit of a difference :)