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Invigorating Face and Body Scrub (200 ml)

Invigorating Face & Body Scrub to be used once a week for normal skin and up to three times a week for rough and problem prone skin. For very dry areas, apply dry and then put a little bit of water in your hands and massage the dry areas to get a more intense exfoliation. Leaves skin baby soft and with a more youthful look. For all skin types. pH 3.8.

Advanced AHA Cosmeceuticals
The Proven Multi-layer Skin Renewal System

What is it?
The latest technological Advanced AHA anti-aging skincare from the original AHA innovators that brought you the first ever glycolic acid based products in 1983; the developers of md formulations® and M.D. FORTÉ®.

How does it work?
Advanced AHA works by improving skin health and fitness through internal moisturization of the skin (by inducing the skin to make more moisture retention compounds) and by improving skin exfoliation. Both skin moisturization and exfoliation decrease with the natural aging of skin. Improved skin moisturization and exfoliation leads to "normalized" skin function and better skin health and return the skin to more youthful healthy appearance.

How is it Unique?
It's the only AHA brand in the market based on LCA Complex, a unique combination of lactic acid, the cell signal AHA natural to the human body, and multiple essential skin antioxidant vitamins - A, C, E & Pro-A in a self-regenerating complex - all vital to proper skin cell renewal rates.

Why should I use it?
Advanced moisturization and multi-layer skin renewal lead to skin health and normalization, the first step in any anti-aging skincare program.

A face AND body scrub in 1!
How convenient!!

Slimming Body Complex (180 ml)
99.1% Natural, light, uniquely formulated all natural body treatment. Improves skin tone and promotes smoother body contours while softening the skin.

CoffeeBerry® Natureceuticals
Nature’s Most Potent Anti-Aging Botanical

What is it?
The first ever Natureceuticals, all natural Cosmeceuticals, based on Nature’s most potent source of antioxidants – CoffeeBerry® extract.

How does it work?
CoffeeBerry® extract is the most potent form of natural antioxidants of any fruit, vegetable or tea so far tested by ORAC method (endorsed by USDA) – with a minimum ORAC value of 15,000 – its 3x more potent than green tea! Because of the unique composition of potent polyphenol antioxidants CoffeeBerry® extract delivers superb anti-aging benefits including a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and a dramatic reduction and evening of irregular skin tones.

How it is unique?
CoffeeBerry® extract is the only clinically validated, medically endorsed, branded, patented extract of the whole coffee fruit in topical skincare.

Why should I use it?
It’s the first and only all natural skincare brand to deliver “Cosmeceutical” results designed for the eco-conscious, earth friendly consumer.

I used this on my Nana's arms- she was ECSTATIC!
She noticed it smoothed out the cellulite bumps and she said her arms felt tighter.
Nana is 80! And she noticed a huge difference!!

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wuzzyangel said...

Oh I so need some of this for my thighs! LOL! IDK why though, I don't even show them! LOL!

nina said...
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nina said...

I first heard about Priori Skin Care when a few colleagues recommended them a couple of years ago and have since used them through specialist Pure Aesthetics. But I always enjoy tested and personal reviews especially from products I have not yet considered from a range I am fond of. Thanks for sharing.