PrinceReigns Ingrown Hair Serum Review

Premium Ingrown Hair Serum
"More than just a shaving gel. If you wax or shave, you can't be without it."
-works quickly and naturally
-reduces ingrown hairs
-doesn't burn or clog pores
-contains only all natural ingredients
-Reduces ingrown hairs by softening the hair folicle
-Prevents future ingrown hairs by straightening the hair folicle
-Controls excess oil, lessening chance of pore clogging
-Does not cause acne or blackheads
-Contains fruit acids which lightens dark spots resulting in an even skin tone
It's not at all sticky.
It doesn't burn. In fact, it felt very soothing!
This actually works!
And it has a nice price tag too!
Definitely recommended!


wuzzyangel said...

Ugh this is soo for me!! But I hate shaving! I'm too lazy! LOL!

lindah said...

I use an epilator! I get occasional ingrown hairs though :( It sucks! So when I start seeing it trying to be an ingrown hair, I'll goo scrub it until the hair comes out LOL :)