My MAC Eyeshadow Collection + EOTD

So many of you ask to see my collection!
It would take me forever to show it, plus I need to organize before I do a video of my full collection. So I thought, maybe I'll just to bits and pieces of my collection.
And what better way to start with my MAC eyeshadows?
I used to have tons more but I swapped many away.

6 15-pan MAC Eyeshadow Palettes

Highlighters/Brow-Bone Shades

Matte Neutral Crease Shades

Random Neutral Shades

Warm Crease Shades


Greens, Yellows, & Blues

Mineralize Eyeshadows
(I'm not huge on collecting these)

Limited Edition Packaging Shades
(I depotted many of my limited editions)

All my other MAC eyeshadows in pots
(some are limited edition)

using MAC's Naval Blue pro pan and Texture e/s.
Liner is a blue liquid liner with Sea & Sky Mineral e/s ontop (makes it more vibrant).


Jasmin said...

Lovely collection!! Love the colors & variety!

xLovelyMakeupx said...

i love the eotd i have sea and sky and im definitely going to try it on top of my liner like that

GiGi said...

Your my hero!!

JennXOXO said...

Nice e/s collection! Your EOTD is gorgeous! I'm loving the blue eyeliner.

Crystal said...

that's seriously a lot of MAC e/s! wow.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous collection!
was drooling the entire post! XD

Vanessa M. said...

ahy! you have so many! hehe and I LOVE your eotd!! ima sooo copy you ;)

♥ Nehs ♥ said...

wow! what a great collection!!

donnarence said...

wow!! yo have A LOT!! your collection is great.. btw,, i love the look.. very unique.. the electric blue liner is fab

wuzzyangel said...

D-A-Y-U-M!!! I knew from the title of the post, and the way you haul, you'd have lots, but DAYUM woman!! Now that is one IMPRESSIVE collection! LOL! And you have your palettes organized so nice by color scheme!

OMG!! THis has to be one of my fave FOTDs from you!! I love this blue liner look. It's natural yet gives that great POP of color!

Sarah said...

Oh my GAWD! How do you even choose which to use lol I would be over whelmed, oh you are like my makeup herooooooooo :D

Tina A. said...

Wow, that eotd.... AMAZING! You created one of the prettiest eye makeup looks I 've seen lately!!!
Great MAC collection too! ;)


izumi said...

WOW. i haven't used this word in forever but i seriously gawked at your collection.. and this isn't even the entirety of it!

lindah said...

HOLY CRAP! O_O I have like... only enough mac shadows to fill up one palette! LOL :) that's such a saddd comparison to yours! lol

Chiara said...

I love this look! The blue liner is so vibrant.