MuLondon Organic Rose Moisturiser Review

MuLondon is based in London,UK. We specialise in producing fabulous natural and organic stuff for your skin, body and home.

We make our fine products by hand from pure, natural and, where possible, certified organic ingredients. MuLondon products contain no artificial preservatives, emulsifiers or fragrances. Instead, pure natural essential oils and herbal extracts are used to divinely scent and gently preserve.

All our products are 100% vegan and are registered by The Vegan Society. We never use any animal ingredients. Our suppliers are thoroughly vetted and have to comply with our ethical and animal protection and safety policies.

All MuLondon products are, and always will be: -Organic, where possible. Natural - in the true sense of the word -Mild and effective -Super-concentrated and full of active ingredients -Completely free from man-made chemicals: preservatives such as parabens, emulsifiers, mineral oils and artificial fragrances are banned -Cruelty-free: never tested on animals, always free from animal ingredients

Organic Rose Face Moisturiser
£ 19.00
Luxury 100% organic face moisturiser with Rose otto oil, Rosehip Extract and Rosemary. This amazing trio will pamper, balance and nourish dry, irritated and sensitive skin. 60ml.

Luxury 100% organic face moisturiser with Rose Otto oil, Rosehip Extract and Rosemary. This amazing trio will pamper, balance and nourish dry, irritated and sensitive skin.

The essential oil of rose we use is certified organic and steam distilled - it is not solvent-extracted, as is the case with the cheaper rose absolute.

Thirty roses must be used to make a single drop of Rose Otto - this is why this oil is the most precious essential oil in the world.

Great for everyday, all-over face, hands and body use. Ideal for dry and sensitive skin. All the ingredients in this moisturiser are certified organic.

Contains no mineral oils, parabens, silicones, emulsifiers or other man-made chemicals.

CONCENTRATED - MuLondon creams are never diluted with water. A little bit goes a long way. Natural, Organic, Vegan and Vegetarian.
    About our ingredients:
  • Shea Butter: Research has shown that Shea is effective in treating and alleviating the symptoms of dry and sensitive skin, eczema and psoriasis. It is naturally moisturising and readily absorbed by the skin.
  • Jojoba Oil: Increases the overall health of the skin, particularly its elasticity and strengthens the epidermis.
  • Coconut Butter: When absorbed into the skin and connective tissues, it helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by helping to keep connective tissues strong and supple.
  • Rose Otto: Recommended for healing severe skin problems. It moisturises, firms and soothes the skin without irritation. Balancing for all skin types - including oily, dry, mature and sensitive skin.
  • Rosehip: Proven to reduce scars and wrinkles. It repairs damaged skin cells and rehydrates dry skin.

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wuzzyangel said...

So it's more like a balm?! Interesting. It reminds me of Guava Butter! LOL!