Lola Haze

Designer Laura Mehlinger has been studying, designing and making clothing since the time she could hold a needle. Before launching Lola Haze™, she held design positions at Gap, Inc. Laura received her BA from Harvard in English. She was called "Harvard's Ace Student of Fashion" by theBoston Globe for creating and showing her own line of women's wear in the only one-person fashion show there in memory. She named her line after the title character in the novel Lolita, which she wrote her thesis about and which continues to intrigue and inspire her.

Laura has recently returned to New York from a year-long solo trip around the world, where she collected exotic objects, fabrics, and stories. She finds difference and quirkiness-visual and otherwise-inspiring and is driven in her designing by the idea of surprise.

"Design is molding juxtapositions: elegance and kitsch, innocence and seduction, playfulness and sophistication, and for Lola Haze™, public and private. I love lingerie because it dances between public and private domains. It can be a woman's own secret that makes her feel special or something beautiful for display. Lola Haze™ is for a playful, confident woman who loves the transformative power of clothing and dresses for herself. She can wear Lola Haze™ as innerwear, loungewear, or outerwear."

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Cross Hipster

Sheer black netting, with metallic banding.

These are seriously SUPER comfy!
I like the sheer netting, very "breathable," as most would say.
Also, the design is very unique- how it crosses over the other.
Cute, comfortable, sexy- can't get any better than that!!


Unknown said...

omg, that's soooo hot! i gotta check those out and get a pair!

wuzzyangel said...

That cross over design is soo SEXY!! LOL! Whooo... Has Joe seen these yet? LOL!

Tina A. said...

Hmm...no online shopping option huh? :(


izumi said...

woooooooah hotnesss!!