Lime Crime Review

...so bright, it's illegal...

Year: 2089. A girl gets her very first rocket - shiny, orange, and oh-so-beautiful. She takes her friend on a wild ride through outer space and they blaze towards the stars giddy with glee. Such is the visualization behind My Beautiful Rocket, a lipstick color from Lime Crime’s upcoming Candyfuture collection. This is not the first and not the last bombastic concept that human-unicorn Lime Crime founderDoe Deere has introduced; in fact, she is so frenzied by her line she comes up with a story for nearly every color she invents!

Miss Deere conceptualized
Lime Crime during the summer 2008 because she couldn't find cosmetics bright enough to keep pace with her colorful imagination. When all makeup companies ran one way, Lime Crime charged headlong into the rainbow: under the slogan “So Bright, It’s Illegal!”, the brand wowed customers with high-impact loose eye shadows such as Circus Girl (vivid yellow), Shoe Addict (bright blue) and the signature Lime Criminal. Instead of retreating to the safety of the ‘tried and true’, Lime Crime became the first cosmetic line to successfully establish themselves through innovative strategies and offering a unique product. Within months of operation, Lime Crime became synonymous with unapologetically bright makeup.

The highly anticipated Candyfuture lipstick collection (debuts October 1st, 2009) will feature 10 core colors, with 9 complimentary colors to drop every month throughout the year. Shades will range from conventional to couture, including D’Lilac (lavender crème), Retrofuturist (intensified matte red), jet-black Styletto, and even a blue aptly namedNo She Didn’t!

$12.00 On Sale For $9.60
"Show it to her at once!" excitedly squealed the emperor, gesticulating with his pudgy hands wildly. His wife refused to leave the palace for days - unless presented with a gift of such beauty, her 'legs would carry her out themselves'. The Empress had already turned down myrrh, a necklace of rubies and sapphires, and a singing bird with feathers of pure gold. But a silk mantle of brilliant purple, the Emperor knew, would please even the pickiest Empress' fancy.

'Empress' by Lime Crime is an intense, royal purple with a beautiful sheen. Can be applied wet or dry; we recommend wetting your brush for extra dramatic results!

Contents: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Tin Oxide, and Iron Oxide, Secret Ingredient.

Those of you who know, I am a purple freak!
I love purple anything, especially shadows.
This color is soo gorgeous and smooth! Love it!

$12.00 On Sale For$7.80
Siren is a bright, hot red with some serious sheen. It's a complex red and color-shifts depending on how light hits it. When applied wet, it almost looks like a piece of foil stuck to your lid! Definitely one of the most gorgeous colors we've ever seen!

Contents: Silica, Iron Oxide, Secret Ingredient.

I love this color- it is sooo vibrant!
It's definitely red, however it has orange in it.

Princess Caraboo
$12.00 On Sale For$9.00
A young girl appeared in a town a few miles from Briston - she spoke a mysterious language, stuck to a vegetarian diet and danced exotically. A Portuguese traveler finally understood what she was saying; her name was Caraboo and she was the princess of a far-away island. The news of the foreign princess spread and soon she was a national figure. But this notoriety was to prove her undoing.

A woman in Bristol read the newspaper and recognized her immediately. A couple of months earlier the girl had been a lodger at a house which she kept with her daughters, and she'd sometimes entertained them by speaking in her own made up language. When she left, she'd been wearing a turban. Another witness said he'd met the 'princess' on the road, and she ate steak and drank rum.

The 'princess' eventually broke down and admitted the truth. She was Mary Baker, the daughter of a cobbler. A few days later, written samples of her language returned from Oxford, where they were analyzed and marked as 'humbug'.

'Princess Caraboo' by Lime Crime is an exotic, dark green with mystic sheen. Can be applied wet or dry - we recommend wetting your brush for extra-dramatic results!

Contents: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Tin Oxide, and Iron Oxide, Secret Ingredient.

This is a gorgeous green, I can see this working really well with Dragon Scales!

Dragon Scales
Dragon Scales is a complex color straight out of a fairy tale. Terracotta-brown base is illuminated with mystical green glitter particles! This color makes an amazing eyeliner when applied wet!

Contents: Mica, Iron Oxide, Glitter, Secret Ingredient.

The texture is a little gritty, so I recommend applying this wet.
It's a very cool duo-chrome- it changes to a brown, a teal, and both!

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izumi said...

lime crime!! gorgeous :) i've been eyeing circus girl but haven't gotten around to purchasing it. i love the shades you picked out though :)

Lily Leaf ♥ said...

lime crime! i've always wanted to try their shadows. I tagged you! visit my blog to get your awards!

wuzzyangel said...

Wow these are really vibrant and glittery!

Where's my FOTDs? So I can stare at your gorgeous face?! O_O

CherryColors said...

I love love lime crime make up. I have almost the whole collection. :).
I was one of the first buyers, so some of my pigments aren't labelled with a name,... xD

Shizznizzle said...

Oooh the label is too cute!!!! pigments look gorgeous too, can't wait to see EOTDs out of these.

lindah said...

I saw these on nessasarymakeup a while back :D I was reading and I was like wtf.. it'll go along with dragon scale?!?! ahahha, but then I read on some more and was like "OOOH!" :)

Angie said...

Lime Crime is a load of crap!
all they do is sell repackeged goods from other companies (like TKB Trading) and charge 10x the price!

Coming from somebody who has bought their products and compared them to other companies i can honsetly say that her company is just a sham!

not only does she not make ANY of her "Magic Eye Dusts" but she takes all the credit for other peoples work.

im sorry that u have gone out and bought so many of her products believing that they were her own creations but i dont believe in what she is doing and i think everybody has the right to know if they are being scammed