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Designer Bio:
Designing Fashion is something that Lesa Wallace has been doing since she was a little girl. The third of four children, her interest in fashion design really began out of necessity…she longed for her own new clothes, rather than the hand-me-downs she was given from her big sister.

Determined to have a distinguished style, Lesa began altering what her sister grew out of, making it unique and special enough to call her own. In time, she went from making small alterations in finished garments, to making original creations from scratch.

Lesa Wallace continued to nurse her artistic abilities throughout adolescence, while also focusing on her academics. Always taught to utilize her intellect, she excelled in school; earning three degrees by the time she was 27 years old. This was the time in her life when Lesa turned her focus to the handbag industry, where she found a lapse in the market for contemporary bags.

"With a dollar and a dream…" as Lesa would to say, she set out to design the ultimate handbag line; one that could fit in with current trends, but also contain that classic element, allowing it to be worn well into the future. Lesa thought each piece should have meaning to the woman who wore it, thus an extension of her personal style.

As a young child Lesa began collecting Finches. As she grew into her adult years she came to the realization that women are like birds; once they discover their wings the sky is the limit. This would become the inspiration for her design.

Lesa discovered her wings at a young age and accompanied by her free spirit she allowed nothing to get into her way when she launched her first handbag collection in 2003. Trying hard with each design to fulfill her own needs as a consumer, Lesa created a range of bags for the contemporary woman; each one a product of style and function. Taking great care to stay close to her original intent as a designer, she chose vibrant colors, and used only the most quality Italian leather and hardware, and of course each bag contains her signature label the Finch.

Lesa Wallace styles have since been featured in various fashion publications, and sought after by fashionable women across the country. Entering into her ninth signature collection Lesa successfully continues to create a designer line of handbags for the contemporary woman who can appreciate the idea of making a statement while defining an outfit.

As the Lesa Wallace name grows, the designer continues to evolve her style; thus moving her towards her goals to create complete, comprehensive collections for the new era of confident women.

Lesa Wallace…. "It's all in my bag.''

The Clutch

Okay, so I never usually use clutches, but this is large enough to carry MANY items!
It's so funky, and unique. Ahh, I love the smell of leather...
I remember when Joe first looked at it, he goes, "Hey! It's a giant coin bag!"- silly boys!
I love the crinkled-type leather.
Almost like it's already worn-in, I love that.

The quality is impeccable.
Lesa really knows how to make bags!!

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1 comment:

wuzzyangel said...

Haha!! It does look like a GIANT COIN BAG! LOL! but a very elegant one! ;)

I can never do clutches.. I carry way to much shit! LOL! I only just brought myself down to reg size purses in the past few years. Before it was all backpacks and grandma bags! ;)