Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Review + Giveaway!!

Joico's Mission:
We eat, sleep and breathe beauty. We develop innovative, top performing products. We design artistic imagery that inspires creativity. We surround ourselves with the most gifted artists and educators in the industry. We are 100% committed to the advancement of the global salon community. Why? Becausebeauty isn’t our jobit’s our passion.

Joice's Core Values:


We value our people most, so we aim to create an environment that is challenging yet positive. We reward a job done well. We believe that a good idea can come from anywhere, and encourage everyone to have a voice in what we do—no trash talking later about a “better idea.”


We show respect for every individual, regardless of title or office size. We embrace each other’s differences and believe we’re richer as a company as a result of our diversity. We know no one likes criticism, but if at the end of the day it means a better product will be produced and our business partners will get better service, then we’re open to it.


We keep our expectations high yet within the realm of reality, because results speak louder than hype. We subscribe to a good and fair business process. We don’t promise what we can’t deliver, and we don’t expect more in return. We believe in preserving and protecting our shared planet, and ensure that our business practices don’t negatively impact on her well-being.


We play well with others. We understand that growth and profit for our partners equals growth and profit for us, so we put them first and try to understand their needs when making decisions. This isn’t lip service; it’s how we really operate.


We don’t make junk. Our products contain the finest, most beneficial ingredients in the world; shea butter from Africa, orchid oil from Asia—if it’s the best, no continent is too far! We also don’t collect antiques, so we constantly update our technologies and develop new ones to uphold our reputation as the leader in beauty innovation.


We mean business. When we set our sights on something, we do it! We try to be perfect, but when we’re not, we respond quickly and soundly. Playing the blame game and throwing people under the bus wastes valuable time that could be focused on finding a solution.


We don’t break promises. We exist to serve the salon community, period. We do everything within our power to ensure our products stay in professional hands. We don’t say one thing and do another by expecting our partners to uphold the professional code while we conduct business out the back door. That’s not our style.

K-PAK Color Therapy
Check it out HERE!
K-PAK Color Therapy is the first hair care system formulated to preserve color by addressing the β-layer, hair's first line of defense against damage and color loss. » Doubles the life of haircolor’s vibrancy » Repairs and strengthens damaged hair » Reduces breakage by 65% after just one use » Instantly increases shine by nearly 50%

K-PAK Color Therapy Shampoo

Designed for:

For color-treated, structurally weak or damaged hair.


  • This color-preserving, reconstructing shampoo gently cleanses hair while improving its elasticity and shine and preventing color loss. Breakthrough QuadraBond Peptide Complex™ restores and protects hair’s natural B-layer, resulting in more vibrant, longer lasting haircolor.
Love this shampoo!
Then again, Joico products never seem to fail me!
They are like vitamins and nutrients for your hair, and you can definitely see results when using their products!

K-PAK Color Therapy Conditioner

Designed for:

For color-treated, structurally weak or damaged hair.


  • Hair is nourished and hydrated, leaving it instantly smoother, shinier and more vibrant. With continued use, hair’s strength, elasticity and resiliency are restored. Haircolor is protected from fading that can be caused by environmental stresses and structural damage.
I always am on the hunt for a great conditioner.
This one is amazing. It is thick so it really hydrates.
However, it doesn't leave any residue in your hair when you style it.

K-PAK Color Therapy Restorative Styling Oil

Designed for:

Conditions, strengthen, and prevent color loss


  • » Seals and nourishes the cuticle to lock in color»Strengthens, protects and repairs hair like only K-PAK can » Imparts vibrant, color-enhancing shine » Conditions hair for incredible softness and smoothness»Dramatically reduces drying and styling time

This product does not leave your hair greasy or "overly" shiny.
It adds shine, but in a good way. Making it look smooth and silky, making it feel healthy and strong!

Joico is giving away these three products to a lucky reader of my blog!
I'll make it really simple.
1st one to comment on this post wins!!
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