J*Flops Review

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$23 (1.5 inch wedge + $5)
Pretty and girlie! These flops have satin straps and a perky satin bow at the toe. Simply adorable! Match the flop to your bridesmaid dress for a comfy, coordinated, totally cute gift for your girls. They come in so many colors you are sure to find the perfect match!

Dolce sniffin' the bow..
These are super comfy and cute!!
Love 'em!


Mona said...

omg this totally feeds my bow obsession

izumi said...

awwwww cute :D

wuzzyangel said...

CUTENESS!! LOL! I Love how mainland peeps love to bling out slippers! You guys call them flip flops, we call them slippahs! LOL!

justltee said...

Those are totally cute! I love how your little doggie is into it too. Haha.