InfraShine UL2 Blow Dryer Review

Check it out HERE.

Quiet, feather light and perfectly balanced, the InfraShine UL2 Cool Switch Ceramic Blow Dryer is the technological breakthrough that the industry has been waiting for. Using our exclusive negative ion technology, the UL2 Cool Switch Ceramic Blow Dryer seals in moisture to create shinier, more manageable hair. All infraShine dryers also feature a ceramic-infused grille that emits FAR-infrared-ray radiant heat that dries hair faster and cuts styling time. These design improvements, from reduced dryer weight to faster drying time, all work together to minimize the risk of carpel tunnel syndrome and give you more creative freedom and flexibility.

The UL2 Dryer comes with custom designed nozzle and diffuser.

This is seriously the lightest (in weight) hair dryer I have EVER used!!
I LOVE it!!
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you are in need of a new blow-dryer!

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wuzzyangel said...

is the voting for the COSMEDICINE vid over already?! I've been voting everyday for you! :)

Wowo fancy dryer!! If I did own one, this might be too much for me to handle! LOL!

Unknown said...

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