Illamasqua Haulingggggz

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Powder Blusher
Shade: Katie
"light milky pink"
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What it is:
A powder blusher.

What it does:
Illuminate and enliven your complexion with the color and drama of Illamasqua Powder Blusher. Color intense and highly pigmented, it can be used to shade, brighten, enhance, and define the shape of your face. Be bold, be daring, and be the center of attention.

Even though it is really light, the color STILL packs a punch on the cheeks!
I never thought such a pale color would show up on me, but it totally does!!

False Eye Lashes
Oooo I gotta think of a super creative look using these!!

Volume Mascara
Shade: Lewd
Bring out the power of your eyes. Illamasqua Volume Mascara’s building formula lengthens, thickens and dramatises to extremes. The unique design of the brush ensures fully-loaded lashes, while the smudge-proof formula guarantees that it stays put long into the night. Use your eyes to tease, tempt, tantalise.

This is such an awesome shade of bluish/turquoise/teal- it's not too bright, it's actually very wearable!

Pure Pigment
Shade: Tingle
Made to be played with. A metallic, high-shine, pure-colour powder that highlights eyes, cheeks, lips and brows, or anywhere else you choose to accentuate. Mix with eye shadow, blusher, lipgloss or use it on its own to intense effect. Bring out your bold side.

Such a frosty white- perfect for extreme highlighting!!

Nail Varnish
Shade: Collide
neon pink
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Buy it HERE from Sephora $14

What it is:
A nail varnish.

What it does:
Leave your mark with bold, rich, vibrant colors that stand out. The formula is hard wearing and chip resistant and contains individual finishes from matte to high gloss. Apply two coats for high intensity and use with Illamasqua Nail Base Coat and Illamasqua Nail Top Coat for the perfect finish. Make a statement and talk with your hands!

Left to Right:
Morn Cream e/s, Fatal Powder e/s, Faith Powder e/s

Cream Eye Shadow
Shade: Morn
Prepare to feel all eyes following yours. These colour-rich creams are easy to apply and blend. From soft and sensuous to strong and bold, choose the colours that reveal your soul.

Powder Eye Shadow
Shade: Fatal
matte deep violet
Buy them HERE from Illamasqua
Buy them HERE from Sephora $20

Powder Eye Shadow

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Latinminx79 said...

You have the best hauls!!!!

Sofie said...

Super awsome stuffies! I love the blush you got ^^

wuzzyangel said...

Dang woman! Now this is a HAUL! LOL! Oooh... so when you gonna sport them lashes for us?! LOL! And the mascara looks just gorgeous!! Thanks for all the swatchies!

Lolita Riot said...

oohh faith looks really nice! maybe it will be a nice eye brow powder too>

Tina A. said...

I think I love each Illamasqua post you make more than the last one...

Doesn't that blush remind you a bit of MAC's Well Dressed or is it me?

And I love how pigmented those eyeshadows are.. especially the purple, it seems so hard to find decent purples these days...


lindah said...

so angry! I have yet to own anything from illamasqua!!! The sephora near me doesn't have this brand and I'm not sure if they're gonna get it :( I don't want to order online because I may not like the color... lol. I think on a day off and I have loads of money, I'm going to the galleria mall! :) a thirty minute drive would be so worth it!