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We love tee shirts. Our goal is to outfit the world with the finest t-shirts on the market. This is no easy task. In February, we wake up to 4 degree weather, dig ourselves out of 16 inches of snow, and make our way down to the shop to design, create, and ship our tees around the world. These long winter days help fuel the creativity that goes into Heavy Rotation. Authenticity, innovation, and quality are key ingredients in every shirt we ship. We are not driven by money, fame, or the 4 finger rings that come with our world’s typical version of success. We design from within making our success more personal. Our version of success comes in the form of seeing our shirts worn until they fall apart. Ideally we just want to be your favorite tee. However, beyond having our egos fed by people liking what we do, we want to change our culture by injecting art into fashion. We see what we do as an underground force in the culture wars we are currently facing today. This brings us back to authenticity. We must stand up to mass markets trying to dumb down our culture. One size does not fit all, nor can one design fit the youth of the world. We stand for authenticity. It’s not easy to go against the grain. However, if we don’t, how will the world ever change? How will we find something completely new? It takes exploration to discover new ground. Perhaps the next time you touch a Heavy Rotation tee you will think of us in Milwaukee and remember that with each purchase you are part of something bigger than just another tee shirt.

(Sorry ladies I think this shirt sold out)

Directional Tiles
50/1 Cotton 3/4 Shirred Top Color:bark

Listen Vneck
50/1 Vneck Color: Black

This is my favorite!
red lips and lime green eyes!
gotta love this!

Such unique designs, super super comfy!
I love these shirts!!
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lindah said...

the sleeves look like they cover up the "arm pudgeyness" :) I really like the one with the face!

izumi said...

the face one is awesomeeeee :)

wuzzyangel said...

Someone is on a tee spree now! ;)

That last shirt is soo for a makeup lover! :)