Freya Active & Freya

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The medium coverage underwire style is also designed for high impact sports and features a sporty mesh centre front and double layered cups for added support as well as built up padded, comfort straps.

Co-ordinate with a matching short to complete the look.

Look at the back, you can just see how supportive it really is!

With this sports bra, your "girls" aren't going anywhere!
It is the highest supportive sports bra I have ever tried!!

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Check out the Shorts HERE.
Check out the Underwired Plunge Balcony Bra HERE.
Pollyanna features a mock broderie anglaise print in a combination with lace and beautiful detailing. Flirty styling gives a romantic vision of nature offering a delicate feminine look though to a J cup.

Gorgeous detailing!

These are so comfortable, and the elastic doesn't dig into the skin, so the lining doesn't show underneath your clothes!

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So, as a woman, one of the hardest things is finding a bra that fits PERFECTLY.
How many of you have found your "PERFECT" bra?
I hadn't until I discovered the Eveden group.
Eveden brands include Freya, Freya Active, Fantasie, Elomi, Fauve, & Goddess.
Now, before this experience started, I "thought" I was a 38D.
I usually bought my bras at my nearest Marshall's or Macy's.
I would always wear the same bra until it was worn out- I'm talking, literally, worn out!
Where the underwire is popping out of the fabric and poking me in my breast!
I also found that one of the most difficult things was finding a "cute," "sexy," somewhat "fashionable" bra that would fit. I am a larger cup size and for the most part, larger bras are flat out ugly!
During this lingerie revelation, I was professionally fitted at my local Nordstrom.
This is something that I HIGHLY recommend. It may seem uncomfortable, but seriously, these women are professionals, so they know what they are doing; and it's not like they haven't seen it all before!
I walked in thinking I was a 38D, and I left KNOWING that I am a 34FF!
Isn't that insane?? I found out so many things that I never knew, the most important being my ACTUAL bra size!
This is the most common mistake women make, picking out bras that do not fit.
I couldn't believe that I was a 34! I always bought a 38, and then I realized how "loose" the bras were on me, and it was actually making my boobs sag and not LIFT! *sorry if this is too much info*
So with a 34, the middle of the bra lays completely FLAT in the middle of my chest. Most bras always stuck out in the center...
The back never ever rides up, not one bit. And now, for the cup size, I was shocked to find out I was a FF!! That is equivalent to 5 D's!!
Honestly, my "girls" fit so nicely in these bras, it is UNBELIEVABLE.
And another great point is that the straps are wider, so they lay where they're supposed to, which is near the shoulders rather than over the breasts.
Another great factor, and the most important part, is that they LIFT!! Yes, my girls are defying gravity, thank you very much! Now, isn't this the point of a bra???
This actually made me look alot thinner because my torso was inches longer, lol!
Without going to Nordstrom's to get professionally fitted, I would have never learned these things.
It was truly shocking, yet exciting at the same time.
Eveden group bras are gorgeous, high high high quality, and they fit like a perfect dream.
Go to your local Nordstrom to get fitted, you really have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by this experience.

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wuzzyangel said...

LOL!! WHit you're too funny! But these are gorgeous sets!! Once again.. Glad you found something that fits YOU! :)