Flirt! Cosmetics Review

Cheek Color
in Petal Pink
Flowerful shades for a sheer, subtle glow – like a flower petal!


This is a really pretty shade- it adds a pop of sheen to the skin...

Fast Defining Mascara
in Boogie Brown and Groovy Blue
Quick-building super defining mascara for fab lashes.

Long lashes. A fast-defining formula that fans out lashes, adding length for a false eyelash effect.

Boogie Brown
Love the shape of this brush!

Groovy Blue
I was so bummed because I love this blue- it looks really amazing on, however it totally flaked off and went all over my face :(


Vanessa M. said...

that flower is too cute!

Kell said...

i got lashadelic as a gift and it has been sitting in my drawer lol i used it once and like you said - it flakes off reaaallly easily. it was really annoying so i think i've sworn it off for good now :o\ that flower is pretty though!


Michael St. James said...

Blue mascara and pink shimmer...a girl after my own heart! Awesome blog!

Gaby Fauchon said...

That flower looks gorgeous!

wuzzyangel said...

I've really been liking Navy mascaras lately. IDK why! LOL! But that one looks nice & bright! :)

Ooh.. the blush is soo pretty with it's design!

CHARRY said...

the cheel color looks very nice! :)

lindah said...

the blush looks really pretty, but I wish that it wasn't so frosty! :( And IDK, I'm not liking the old school wands anymore! I always poke myself in the eye and the new patent plastic ones don't even hurt when I do that! LOL :) Just a little story I had to tell