Etsy Review: Barbara Allen- Fanfare

Barbara's Profile:
Earned a BFA in drawing and painting from UGA. Took major ceramic and sculpture classes as non-degree candidate prior to becoming a potter and co-owner of Second Apple Pottery with 2 friends. Studied metalwork with Barbara Mann from 1996 at UGA evening classes. I love wire and Alexander Calders work. My current focus in metal is etching copper and silver, chasing and raising metal. I have a new series of baskets I'm playing with and boxes are next on the drawing board.

Silver Crochet Bracelet
This is one of the most unique bracelets that I own!
It's amazing how much work really went into it.
The crocheting detail makes it so funky and fun!
Yet it's very wearable as an everyday piece as well!


Unknown said...

i like it

May said...

This is a unique and gorgeous bracelet.

wuzzyangel said...

That wirework is soo INTRICATE!! It's a beautiful bracelet!