DermaScyne Day Cream Review

Wrinkle Arrest

What is it?
DermaScyne Wrinkle Arrest:
• Is a powerful new day cream with a unique combination of 17 anti aging amino acids and
crucial moisture binding ingredients.

• This unique amino acid complex helps rejuvenate and balance the skin to restore
youthful vitality.

What Is It For?
• Dry, oily, combination and all skin types
• To reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• To restore tone and smoothness to the skin
• Delivers key elements of the Natural Moisturizing Factor

Anyone who wishes to protect their skin from the damaging/aging effects of the sun
For a product to receive the AAD SEAL OF RECOGNITION®,
it must meet all the following criteria:
• Sun Protection Factor (SPF) SPF of 15 or higher
• Evidence of broad-spectrum protection (protects against UVA and UVB rays) as
evidenced by the critical wavelength method and in vivo testing using the Persistent
Pigment Darkening method
• Evidence of product stability
• Absence of phototoxicity
• Complies with United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Sunscreen Monograph

Before granting the use of the AAD SEAL OF RECOGNITION® to a product, an independent scientist and Academy member reviews each application and the corresponding documentation to ensure the product meets the program criteria. Products applying for the AAD SEAL OF RECOGNITION® must submit extensive formulation and scientific testing data. Once approved, the product will display the following statement, "The American Academy of Dermatology recognizes this product for its sun-protection benefit."

DermaScyne Wrinkle Arrest is The First Anti Aging cosmetic Moisturizing Formula to Earn The AAD SEAL OF RECOGNITION®.
AminoGenesis products are cruelty free (no animal testing) and do not contain animal by-products.

I think this is super hydrating!
It feels wonderful and is packed with necessary amino acids.
I also love the sun protection- a major plus that is has the AAD Seal of Recognition!

Given the completely natural formula, AminoGenesis is good for all skin types. The Dermascyne cream is for anyone who wishes to hydrate skin and the SPF has sun protection capabilities, a must for a day cream.


wuzzyangel said...

I love your reviews but I have oily combo skin and it seems like you got drier skin. But I like to see what you choose all the time! LOL!

lindah said...

I have oily-combo skin... but I have dry spots on my face! Hate it :P I might go buy some aquaphor to slap on it at night :D I don't have real wrinkles yet soooo I'd have to skip this! :) and I was confused on how to comment... lol! that's why your other posts have like no comment from me xD