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...the art of scent...
aroma M is among a handful of artisanal perfumers who today are collectively updating the fragrance industry, we are proud to be known as direction-setters. For example, we initiated the contemporary location-oriented approach to perfumery—a concept we have romanced throughout our twelve years in business.
While steeped in the ways of ancient Eastern fragrancing traditions, and while adhering to the Eastern mandate that beauty is a daily responsibility, at aroma M we are ultra-modern in our choice of unexpected ingredients and novel combinations of ingredients, such as lychee with rose, and white chestnut blossom with muguet.
At the outset, aroma M perfume oils were sold in a few select boutiques. But word quickly got around, and today aroma M is available at leading department stores and boutiques in the US, the UK, France, Germany, Japan, and, most recently, China—specifically Shanghai. This season, aroma M’s Geisha Pink will be the very first niche perfume to be sold on QVC.
Briefly by way of background, aroma M was launched in 1995 by the quietly intrepid Maria McElroy, an American-born painter who has long been immersed in Japanese art and incense. Aroma M is based in New York but is now known worldwide.

Read about Maria McElroy, the founder, HERE!

The Geisha Collection
Imagine a stroll through the ancient, cobble stoned streets of Gion, the legendary Geisha district of Kyoto. Peek into a tea room imbued with the sound of shamisen, with the scent of delicate incense wafting through the doorway. Feel the fluid seductiveness of a silk kimono wafting against your skin. These are some of the multi-sensuous delights that have gone into the blending of the Geisha Collection from Aroma M: The Art of Scent. Included in the collection are perfume oils and eau de parfum's, available in eleven lush and unique fragrances that interpret the subtly mysterious aromas of Japan for the modern Western scent aficionado.
Maria's Aroma M scents are created with the subtle (never overpowering) sensibility of Japanese incense blends in mind. In addition, armed with her aromatherapy background, Maria ensures that her fragrances are not only beguiling, but help alleviate daily stress and promote wellbeing. As natural as possible without losing their diffusing power, they are made with the finest essential oils.

Perfume Oil
Geisha Pink
Check it out HERE!
A shot of sugared plum, with fresh orange added for tang, and vanilla for seductive staying power. This is a young Eastern-accented scent, brimming with sophisticated sass.
When to wear it?: At the big Saturday Night date ... when you want to daydream ... whenever you want to ever so slightly misbehave.
What will it do for your psyche?: Sweeten it, re-charge it, speed it up.
This smells absolutely DIVINE!!!
A little sweet, not overly though..
It's light because it's a perfume oil.
So this is perfect for those who can't wear eau de parfum.

Geisha blanche ... Now in a diffusive alcohol base

The difference? While this formulation is still cool, beckoning and retains the enticing blend of white flowers flavors and lychee in their original proportions, the added presence of alcohol serves to lighten it up and give it some breathing space. In its newly diffused form, the fragrance is more noticeable to those in your direct vicinity.
In response to numerous clamorous requests, Aroma-M announces the September 2008 re-launch of one of our original perfume oils, Geisha Blanche, (which debuted in 2000), as an alcohol-based eau de parfum.
Who asked for it? Numerous women worldwide, who swear by this enticing scent, including Geisha Blanche's strong following of celebrities from the left and right coasts.
Geisha Blanche Eau de Parfum comes with its own hand-sewn couture drawstring pouch, whose fabric is a richly textured solid white kimono-cloth crepe known as Chirimen. The colorful silk trim is made of precious strips of vintage kimono fabric. When not in use as a perfume cloak, this pouch doubles as a container for a cell phone (or one of many other of life's small necessities and luxuries).
What will Geisha Blanche do for you? In addition to providing a subtle sweet aroma, Geisha Blanche with the addition of lychee conveys the meaning of cool summer sensuality. By permeating the space that surrounds you, the new Geisha Blanche Eau de Parfum, intended to be worn throughout the day, will succeed more effectively at all of the above.

This is my current holy grail fragrance!
It's soft, enticing, sexy, yet not overly empowering...

So before you get a full size, I recommend purchasing samples-
that way you can see exactly which scent(s) works for you :)

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This is the perfect item for you to try. This set includes all Geisha Perfume Oils - Geisha Rouge, Blanche, Noire, Blue, Pink, Green, Violet and the latest Geisha Marron AND our Eau de Parfums - Geisha o-cha, nobara-cha and hana-cha.
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