Andira Rain Tee

The Rain Tee Collection

Saving Trees with Tees.

Rain Tees are a 100% organic luxury line of apparel for women and children designed by youth living in endangered rain forests across Central and South America.

Andira donated school supplies to the children and asked them to illustrate what they see happening in their world every day. Each Rain Tee features their thoughts illustrations and names.

For every Rain tee sold, a child involved in Kids Saving the Rain Forest, Costa Rica will receive a tree they can plant to replace one that has been destroyed.

View the collection HERE!!

A pair of lovely Amazon lovebirds illustrated by Julianna Estefinio of Ecuador. Many species of Amazon parrots are on the critical endangered species list because they are captured and sold abroad illegally for pets. Amazon parrots can live for 50 years or more and are playful, loving and brilliantly colored birds.


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wuzzyangel said...

What a great concept and such a cool design!

I know it's for a good cause, but it's still slightly $$ for me! :(