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Veronica Moore was born in Washington DC and raised in Reno, Nevada. At an early age, her grandmother Margaret, who Veronica says is her greatest creative influence, taught her to knit and crochet, and create beautiful things with her hands. In the colorful world of her youth, she became a Nevada state barrel-racing champion. She attended the university of Reno where she majored in drama and English literature.

Upon her mecca to New York, she initially worked as a makeup artist and stylist. She designed and produced three
Folies Bergère style shows and even landed on the cover of a Tom Jones CD, The Lead and How to Swing It, photographed by David Lachapelle.

With these creative endeavors under her belt, she reflected and realized her artistic force and great love in working with her hands. Soon after, she studied wire sculpture, the oldest form of jewelry making under master wire sculptors Preston Reuther and Dale Armstrong.

In this great classic art form Veronica has found her own artistic vision and since created her own line of unique pieces of jewelry. Her influences are in nature, fantasy, all things hand wrought, and the magic of creative accidents. She has been profiled in
Elle, W Magazine and Paper and has one-of-a-kind pieces showcased in an upcoming independent film The Devil You Know, starring Lena Olin, Rosamund Pike, and Dean Winters. Most recently, Veronica's work has been featured onLipstick Jungle.

"Inspiration is everywhere--fashion, film, people. Finding your creative voice is like finding your true self" says Ms. Moore.

Look at how elegant the packaging is!

Amazonite Cabachon Ring bound in gold
As seen on Lipstick Jungle.

V is for Veronica!!
She is amazing!

Simply and Elegant gold bangle bracelet

This bracelet is breathtaking.
It is simple.
It is elegant.
And it's a piece you can wear everyday!

I LOVE Veronica Moore Jewelry.
Be sure to check her out HERE!!

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wuzzyangel said...

Very unique wire working!! And yes that ring box is very swavvy! :)