ThermaClear Review

Click HERE to watch the video on how it works.

The next generation of skin care technology has arrived.

With ThermaClear’s advanced technology, your days of using messy, irritating acne creams are over.

ThermaClear is a better way to treat pimples because the device doesn’t just treat the part of the blemish you can see. ThermaClear’s gentle pulse of heat reaches beneath your skin’s surface to neutralize the bacteria causing your breakouts. The heat also triggers your body’s powerful acne-fighting response, so your blemishes heal faster – often in as little as 24 hours.

This breakthrough technology is similar to professional acne-clearing treatments — but without the hassle or expense of doctor’s appointments.

Two seconds per blemish twice a day is all it takes!

Using ThermaClear couldn’t be easier, faster or more convenient. Just a two-second pulse of healing thermal energy on each blemish twice daily and you’re done. Watch the demonstration for yourself.

To check out the clinical results, click HERE.

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So many of you are probably wondering, DOES IT WORK??
This product has been definitely working for me.
I would not tell you this if it weren't true.
You know those deep, almost-cystic pimples, that just sit there for months (and only sometimes come to a head)? This has completely shrunk, if not vanished those irritating bumps.
Also, I had this one pimple on my cheek, and I used the ThermaClear as directed, and it was gone in 2-3 days; compared to 1-2 weeks!
It really does work for me. So I recommend this product!


Lu - The Pink Bandit said...

I have this! I also find it helps clear up spots much quicker but it took me awhile to get used to the 'zap'. Although it then becomes strangely therapeutic :) xXx

Crissy said...

I want this! I've been trying everything for those damn deep pimples.

wuzzyangel said...

Very interesting! And thanks for hookin us up with the discount Whit! :)